Thursday, October 02, 2008

Where's My Head?

It's been a bit of a scattered day. Who am I kidding? It's been a scattered couple of months. Today I remembered to change my calendars over before I left for work. At work Audio Girl and I changed her cool Paris photo calendar over and as I looked at the topiary in the picture I realized that I had no idea what the October pictures in my home calendars were. I hadn't even looked.

Hang here for a minute, let me look now.

Castle in Bavaria and a bee on a flower.

I feel better now.

I've got the computer in the bedroom uploading photos to Flickr and the TV in there loaded up with John Adams. Just watched the final episode and am going to check out the special features. Here in the living room I've got e-mail and blogging and the debate.

Oy, the debate.

I like the moderator, though, I like that she sticks to the timing and that she's spanking both debaters a little to keep them in line. Not so keen on the poll that my channel keeps popping up, "How is Palin Doing? Better than expected. As expected. Worse than expected." Unless there's a comparable poll for Biden that's bull. It's a debate between loose canon, let's treat 'em the same.

It's a little like listening to the phone book being read. There's a relation between the things being said but I'm not sure I care what it is.

So, yeah, what was I saying? Yeah, scattered, not entirely here, OOOOooo, the poll asked about Biden, OK, that's good. Nice work NY1!

Uh, yeah, I'm really just here to let you know that I'm still alive. Clearly I'm unable to string together a coherent post but I wanted to say Hi.



Dear Biden & Palin,

Don't fucking tell me what Patriotic is. You wouldn't know patriotic if it bit you in the ass.



  1. OH yea! for flicker and photos!!

  2. I TiVoed the event. Punkin' Pie was supposed to watch it for her social studies class. Um, hello? Not only is she taking the B.S. New England Common Assessment tests for fucking NCLB this week - and ALL the fliers coming home have said "MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD GETS PLENTY OF REST AND A GOOD BREAKFAST!!" (our school district has been identified as one "in need of improvement," so these tests are important), but the debates started a full HOUR after I send the girls to bed. I TiVoed the debate and will send in a note to her well-meaning but slightly thoughtless SS teacher who CLEARLY doesn't have small children at home.

  3. Anonymous10:14 AM

    For the first time in my life I actually voluntarily sat down and watched a (vice) presidential debate. THAT'S how interesting this race has become to me. I never wanted to change the channel. I never wanted to turn off the TV. I never felt myself nodding off. Cookiemaker and I (who are in opposite camps in regards to this election), discussed various topics as the debate took place. I actually kinda enjoyed it.

    Overall, I was impressed with the debate. I was pleasantly surprised that the two opponents remained civil and polite to each other. I was fully expeting interruptions and accusations and tempers, but calm heads prevailed, and that was nice to see.

    I also came away impressed with Palin, but that was largely because, I think, I had low expectations for her. I simply wanted her to be able to walk away from this debate without making and ass of herself, and I think she did that. I don't think she won the debate, but I don't think she lost it, either. She came across a little too folksy, a little too "Miss Soccer Mom USA," for my taste, and she pretty obviously dodged a couple of questions, but I think she held her own.

    Oh, and that outfit was HOT! What a VPILF! :)

  4. I was just bewildered by the whole thing. Which I guess doesn't make me far different from either candidate. they just kept talking and yet it bore no relation to the topics they'd been asked to address. Why did she ask if she could call him Joe and then only refer to him as Senator Biden for the rest of the night? Am I the only one who thought she kept using the names of leaders and places and organizations way too much and it came off like she was trying to prove that she wasn't stupid? And that fear on the soccer field story, what was that about? I'd come up with similar examples for Biden but I had trouble staying interested at all in what he was saying.

    It could have been worse, though, I'm sure.