Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Thankful Things

It's Thanksgiving week after all so the theme for this week's 10 things is easy.

1. My dog. No matter how many times I talk you through how important she is it's not enough to express her awesomosity.

2. All my income. I've still got all my income and a year to make some decisions.

3. Friends and family, natch. Without them I sure as shooting wouldn't be where I am now and I like where I am now. Thanks you guys!

4. Good food. I ordered all the stuff for the Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving feasting. No roast beast but everything else. I'm excited to start cooking it all but more excited to start eating it.

5. This year I'm not getting half my face carved off after we carve the turkey.

6. My apartment. I know that the neighbors are odd and the outside is a little Cabrini Green circa 1968 but you can't judge a book by its cover. It's just the right size and does just the right things and is in the right place for me and mine.

7. The internet is fabulous and I love that I can say all this stuff and people read it and we all talk about things. I'm sorry when people are ass monkeys but that's just like real life and there are fewer of them than I thought there'd be.

8. I'm specifically grateful for Chili's gratitude 10 today because she reminded me to speak out. She pointed out orgasms are something for which to be grateful. You're darn tootin'! In the spirit of saying things out loud so that they will happen I do need to find someone to give me some of those delicious orgasms. The whole process of finding someone is really complicated so I tend to dismiss it to the back burner. All the burners are in use for Thanksgiving prep now, though, so I'm just going to have to deal with this one. That's a good thing, thanks for reminding me!

9. I am grateful for New York City. Man, I fucking love this place. You can naysay it and denigrate it and fly airplanes into it until it is tilted on its dusty, smoke-laden side and I will have only a hearty fuck you to give you back. This city is everything I could ever want in a city and it does right by me. I hope I can do right by it.

10. The mass production of reading material is so good it makes my brain short circuit sometimes. I am currently reading a book courtesy of JRH that is making me cry and laugh and think really hard about what I can and cannot do. The last book I read was set in 16th century England where books were scarce, expensive and delicate. To be reading this enormous, honking paperback book that had fallen into my hands for free and by accident and have it remind me that life was not always so? Well that is something for which to be grateful, in a bit of a baffling way.

Hope you're taking some time to be grateful for stuff this week. If nothing else at least we aren't coming off the year the Pilgrims had before the first Thanksgiving. Now that year was a pisser!


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I thought it was "awesomisity."

  2. #8 I will second and thrid it for you so it will be heard round the world.
    #10 I was always attracted to that book. How was it?

  3. Well, I'm happy I could help a girl out, you know.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and give Emmy a scritch from her Auntie Chili...(no, not THAT one, THIS one...Oh, you know what I mean!)

  4. LOVED An Instance at the Fingerpost.

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Best wishes for finding an orgasm giver!

    New York City is such a drastically diverse place that I am now reminded of how much I loved schlepping all over it with my great aunt, who lived in Largemont, when I was 8, My first Macy's parade? Memories....

    Happy Turkey DAY!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. #8. Oh, so much I could say but I will refrain.

    Happy steal the land from the natives day!

  8. Gert, which book?

    Auntie, why start holding back now?