Tuesday, November 04, 2008

10 Things Election Tuesday 2008

10 images from this big day straight out of the camera. If you go look at all my shots in their Flickr set they're in chronological order and have more information about each one. Any description, though, is inadequate. I am nearly out of words and can only look on with fear and hope and cautious optimism for the future.

1. Icon

2. Media

3. Overseeing

4. Notice

5. Leverage

6. Bubbling

7. Patient (Strength, History, Duty, Honor)

8. Valuable

9. Dawning

10. Hope


  1. Where'd you get the tee?

    Mr. Chili suggested this evening that we might want to go to DC for the inauguration. Despite my INTENSE dislike of epic crowds and stupid cold, I might just take him up on it.

  2. It came with a donation to the campaign at a certain juncture.

    Wow, I'd be torn if someone suggested going to the inauguration. What a fabulous thing to say.

    CNN just projected OH going Dem. Unbelievable.

  3. Anonymous9:50 PM

    9:49 pm, 70 votes to go. Can you believe I am still awake?

  4. A historic night indeed! Glad that you're staying up a bit to soak in the excitement.

  5. i love this post. LOVE IT!! and you get some fun kind of voting lever thingy. i get a sharpie and a piece of paper. nonetheless...that i voted sticker is the ultimate prize!!

  6. We're the last state in the union to use the lever machines and I hope we never stop. They make it feel like properly voting. We don't have stickers, though. Some places do but not mine.