Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Things Oh Lord Help Me

It turns out that people are actually coming to my Open House this year. It happens every year. I fear that no one will come but then people show and it's all good. What this means right now is that I haven't figured out what needs to be bought for all the festivities. So I'm going to use this list as some sort of motivation or jumping off point or...something. I need help people! Why should today be different than any other day?

10 Things I'm Going to Serve on the Day After Thanksgiving

1. Turkey breast

2. Gravy, natch

3. Mimosas

4. Mashed potatoes

5. Chocolate Pie

6. Pecan Pie

7. Sweet Potato Pie (as side dish, not as dessert, I don't care what you say)

8. Bread (Am I going to make bread? I can't decide. Opinions?)

9. Something green (brussels sprouts, green beans, peas - again, opinions?)

10. Coffee (at least I have that, as long as someone else makes it since, you know, my coffee making skills are best described as "lethal")


  1. Sounds like you've got the high points covered. Bread baking is fun, but it's time-consuming; I say, if you've got a good bakery nearby, take advantage.

  2. May I please bring some down home cornbread stuffing? I'll drop it off before the football game!

  3. Oh, make the bread. Do it the easy way, by the loaf, and don't try to go overboard making fancy rolls or shaped bread. It is time consuming, but only in the "wait-around-for-it-to-rise" kind of way, so you can fit it around other stuff.

    You can even mix together the dry ingredients the day before and just add the liquid when you are ready to go. I have a super easy bread recipe that doesn't require any proofing, or complicated stuff. Just good plain bread.

    The payoff will be in the wonderful smell of baking bread, to add to all the other wonderful baking smells in your kitchen. And people get so impressed by fresh bread.

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    You can always compromise on the bread and buy the dough that's already made that you just pop in the oven - you get that fresh bread smell without all the work. I've found a couple local bakeries that sell me pre-made dough for me to bake.

    I love brussels sprouts but we're definitely in the minority so you might want to go with something more "main stream" like the green beans.

    Just make sure you have plenty of booze and your food choices will be a little less crucial. ;-)

  5. Mmmmm... mashed potatoes.

  6. and don't forget the green bean casserole!

  7. I forgot the green bean casserole! I even wrote down green beans and I forgot the casserole! I really do need help.

    I don't think of bread as time consuming because it is only that if you have a need to leave the house and I've got so much else to do in house I have plenty of time to stick around. So I think I may do it. I have my great grandmother's recipe and I do all the kneading inside the mixing bowl so it's down to a not-so-messy science.

    Chrome, please do bring the stuffing. The one thing I don't make is stuffing of any kind because I had a bad stuffing experience as a kid. That would be a fabulous addition.

  8. Damn, wish I could be there! You are welcome to borrow our big bread machine if that makes things easier for you. I love that thing.

    Please be sure my poor neglected Alex gets some of your home cooked goodness!

  9. Kath I wish you could be there too but I feel like you'll be in a good enough place that I don't have to feel sorry for you. :)

    I'll do my best to feed "poor" "neglected" Alex but I feel like I should remind you (should he try to milk this) that last time you were gone for Turkey Day his social calendar was so full I didn't see him at all, for Open House or anything else. I am virtually certain he won't be eating PB sammies standing up at the counter all week. I'll check to be sure, though.

  10. Anonymous9:31 AM

    How does one get on the invite list?

    Kidding. Open Houses don't have invite lists, do they?