Monday, November 03, 2008


Today, for some portion of the day, I need to deal with the aftermath of this very busy weekend. I might need your help.

Since Friday morning I have taken 627 photographs: Halloween decorations in my neighborhood, flora, fauna, masks, costumes, cathedrals, marathon runners, marathon spectators and myself. I'll work on them but clearly it's going to take some time. Above is an example, not representative exactly. It's from the walk that Kath & I took the dogs on down the route of the marathon after all the runners had passed by. About 4 blocks from Kath's house was an official water station, apparently.

Today I'm meeting a friend I haven't seen in a month for a movie. This movie. Then I need to scurry home because my groceries are being delivered and without my groceries I can't eat the way I'm supposed to eat and when I don't do that I don't fit into my very specifically sized pants. So there will, no doubt, be some cooking or assembling or some such tonight. Also cross stitch. Have I told you that I'm working on a baby shower gift? The process, which I haven't indulged in for some time, is teaching me that I might be in the market for some bifocals. (Dear Mr. McCain, I need bifocals. Bifocals are expensive. Can you please help me pay for them? Love, Kizz - sorry, couldn't keep my mouth shut.)

What's up for your week? How's NaBloPoMo going for you? What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I think I might need some internet contact to keep me on task today so your answers are greatly appreciated.

Also? Joshua Jackson is hot as a biscuit, even in a rerun.


  1. staying on point is a goal here too. I need to go get my check and deposit. 11:30 back crackin appointment. MUST clean out my car. which in turn means put stuff up that I take out of my car. Finish Laundry. Finish Laundry. Finish Laundry. Pick up a few groceries and get back on track to program. I haven't had a vegetable in two weeks. get more freakin collars for the cats. Stormy is on a walkabout and doesn't have his on. gah. Meet a h.s. friend for some dinner. go to comedy and be extremely cool and aloof to the redhead and then leave early w/o saying goodbye. home for SNL and to plan my day and voting.

    NaBloPoMo is going well thus far. I'm not very good at reading anyone else, and I want to do that. I really really do.

  2. NaBlo is going well so far, but it will be a BIG challenge for me to keep it up all month. I failed last year and am hoping to successfully finish.

    I'd love to hear more about the marathon. We saw highlights on TV and it looked CRAZY! Oh, and did that hot guy run? What was his name? Was it Ryan Reynolds?

    Turkey day will be much easier this year as my folks will be out of town, so just one side of the family to please. Which is lovely.

  3. My week is going okay so far; then again, Mr. Chili doesn't leave until Wednesday, when I expect my outlook to take a precipitous dive. NaBlo is going well, but it's no different from any other month, so I don't really think my opinion counts for shit on that. Thanksgiving is at Mother Chili's this year, which means we'll likely have less stress about Christmas being at OUR house, which makes me happy. Less stress about Christmas is ALWAYS a good thing...

  4. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Day 4 in NaBloPoMo and I'm still doing well. =) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep this up the remainder of the week.

    In regards to Thanksgiving, we will be going to my parent's house. That's actually something I may post about later in the month when I can't think of anything else to write, but that's what we're doing. Sadly, I was looking forward to staying home this year; but whatever. =)