Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Found My Hat!

Found my hat, found my hat FOOOOOOUUUUUND my hat! WHOOOO I found my hat.


Jesus Fuck it's cold out there.
More substance later. For now, I FOUND MY HAT!!!!!!!!


  1. I wasn't aware your hat was missing. I'm glad you found it.

    Yes, indeed; it's cold out there. I've broken out the scarf and the gloves and the hat, too. I had a conversation with a coworker, as we walked to lunch in the cold, that we've both reached an age where "warm" is more important than "stylish." He has no qualms about hat-head anymore, and neither do I. Burrrrrr!

  2. And it looks so cute on you!

  3. Yay for your hat!

  4. Thank goodness.
    It wasn't with my shoes, was it?

  5. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Great hat, great photos. You look so happy!
    It is all about being warm and cozy.

  6. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Yay for rediscovering your favorite, VERY necessary head covering (and a very fetching one it is too)! I didn't have one while walking the freedom trail yesterday and I really should have...

  7. good god. I can hear you saying each and every word. exactly.
    miss you.
    glad you're warmer! today it was in the seventies.
    i'm lookin for my hat, too.

  8. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Cold here, too, but not by your standards.


  9. Brrr. After spending a few days in Chicago, I'm back in Southern CA, and its none too soon!!!

    It was freakin' snowing there!!!

  10. YOUR hat? I don't think so. Give it back, you hat thief!

  11. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I'm glad you found your hat! Could you bend over a smidge more please?


  12. Did I not say it was gone? By the way, I lost my hat.

    Chrome, sorry, I didn't see your shoes wedged under that box I keep failing to bring to the Salvation Army.

    It IS my hat! Queen Bee knitted it just for me. Mine all mine!!!

    Auntie, I was so proud of putting that outfit together and thought I was all uber hip looking and yet no one said anything...until you. Thank you for noticing. Next time I'll pay less attention to where my head is and more attention to...everything else.