Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Four Letter Word That Starts With a V


Vote vote vote.

Votey vote vo vo vodeo.


No seriously, vote.

If you don't vote Wanda Sykes will put you on the naughty list and you'll be at the back of the line.

Not voting? Not a protest, it's just pouting. Alternatively I suppose it's willingly giving up your voice but either way that is officially silly. Unofficially too.

Rambling, goofing, bubbling over but it's all just because I'm so darned excited to vote* and I'm doing it the very first thing. Very first, like roll out of bed, put on shoes, (and pants) and go to the voting booth. I don't think there'll be a big line at the crack of ass but just in case I'm bringing a book. That's OK, I'll wait. Then I'll have the rest of the day to decide whether to trade on my civic duty (duty!) for ice cream or something, er, lower in fat. God bless America!

Stories about your voting experience today are gratefully accepted in the comments section.

*Yes, excited about this particular election but more than that I get a huge bang out of flipping the little levers.


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    I WILL vote for NObama, oh I mean Palin/McCain

  2. We don't get to flip levers here. We have coloring pages. We get to color in the arrow that points to our candidates' names. Pretty cool, and no one has ever accidentally voted for the wrong peeps.

    I hope the weather up there is a nice for voting as the weather down here is today.

  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    ha i already voted absentee in nh about 3 weeks ago. let's just say one mccain/palin vote has been counter acted by me :) i get a real kick out of that. maybe it's the nh geek in me but the excitement and roller coaster ride that will be today got me all hyped up before 8 am this morning!

  4. I love voting. The act of casting my vote. Of saying, out loud (sort of) what I believe. I do sort of miss "pulling the lever."

    Oh, and electoral math makes me giddy. I can't WAIT to get home, put my fuzzy jammies on, pop some popcorn and plop down in front of the TV.

  5. Oh god, I was up at 6:45 antsy to go vote. I'm a mess today, and so very, very hopeful.

  6. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I voted at 7 this morning - my first presidential election - and I had a great time with my coloring page, filling up the little circle with black ink. I loved taking part in this process and what a powerful experience it was.

    It's too early to know anything yet, but I know already - you know? - and I am psyched.

  7. i got up and went early. had to wait in line about a half hour which i have NEVER had to do at this polling site. i got chills, and my eyes welled up with tears and I actually clapped my hands together when they handed me my ballot.

  8. I love that we're all excited to vote. How lucky you are, OMama, to have this be your first US election. Snob, you make me giggle with your math giddiness. Better you than me. I'll just be sitting here nibbling my fingernails.

  9. Anonymous10:23 PM

    My little town has 2300 registered voters. My hope is that everybody will turn out for the event.

    The line this morning was never more than eight people long. The local women's club held a bake sale and everybody overpaid just to support them. We live in a "feel good" town and we love it.

    Here's hoping for change, and soon.

  10. Laurie, I had a $1 donut in support of the local PTA. It was terrible but I was still glad I bought it.

    I hope all of your voters turned out, too. I'm almost certain all mine did. It was a fierce experience, in a good way.