Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hey There Cats & Kittens

Welcome to NaBloPoMo y'all!

It feels a little like cheating to kick off the month from this side of my night's sleep but the good kind, like having a huge brownie sundae while you're on a diet. In other words the exact kind of cheating at which I am expert.

I just got home from work. I do so wish there was a living wage to be made in puppetry and mask work because I had a huge blast! Pictures to follow. Saga of how hard it was to get a freaking cab home also to follow.

My arrival home involved, running in, stepping in vomit, putting down my bag, emptying my pockets, noticing the vomit, cleaning up the vomit, walking the dog, coming back inside, taking off my coat, turning on the TV, hearing a terrible noise, realizing the terrible noise was one of my cats, realizing it was one of my cats OUTSIDE my apartment (hello neighbors!), letting in a cat three sizes bushier than the one I accidentally let out, laughing until I peed a little, firing up the computer and telling you all about it.

If only every homecoming could be that funny...but with less vomit.


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Yum. Reading this blog has made me want a sundae now, lol!

    Oh no at the vomit and your cat escaping outside and getting into trouble! :P Sounds like your day was more eventful than mine!

  2. Oh, I agree, MUCH less vomit. I would have craved a sundae, too, but for the vomit...

  3. I'm glad you are laughing, but vomit can never be good.

  4. Me and vomit? no, no, no!

  5. Happy NaBloPoMo! Glad to have come across your site.

    And vomit? Sick.

    Its funny, I work in a trauma center and have no problem seeing horrible bloody trauma, but once someone pukes? I'm done.

  6. Sounds like coming home to our house except trade the cats for dogs.

  7. Ooops. I totally forgot about NaBloPoMo.