Sunday, November 02, 2008

Learn Something New Every Freakin' Day

I just got home and it's the second day of NaBloPoMo already! If you're new here please understand that all this gallivanting is not normal for me. On a normal weekday I have to be up at 6. I had to train my brain to go to bed at 11 rather than 10 because I need 8 hours of sleep to feel really taken care of but getting shit done won out. So weekends like this where events keep coming fast and thick are things I tend to find ways to avoid. I like to spread out the fun and have at least one day a weekend where I stick pretty close to the homefront. This weekend is an anomoly, an embarrassment of riches.

How about a few things I have learned today before I hit the much-beloved hay?

  • Speaking of NaBloPoMo and being new here, I learned that getting comments from brand new people, especially on the first day of the challenge, really puts you in the mood. Holly, Charm City Chica & Rachel I promise to pay that kindness forward and leave my pawprint in the snow of a few new-to-me blogs this weekend.
  • Though maps show Brooklyn & Queens to be relatively close together the NYC MTA has discovered a wormhole that can extend that distance nearly indefinitely. I trip that can take less than twenty minutes by car took about an hour and twenty minutes one way and just under two hours the other way.
  • My Aerosoles boots, though more comfortable than most dress shoes are not "all day" foot wear. Especially not on a day after a night spent parading around as a ghoul.
  • Even if I need to get up by 11am I need to set an alarm if I don't get to bed until 2:30am. I have a pretty good internal clock but I also love my sleep.
  • I cannot think of any lyrics to share with you from my favorite song from MAB's gig tonight. The song is called My Left Arm. I've heard the song countless times and I always beg for it but apparently I don't retain any of it. I can give you this series of lyrics from Your Big But: "But I have to work on weekends/but I forgot to feed my cat/but I've got a really bad hangnail/oh well, I guess that's that." Strangely enough I've had those paricular lyrics stuck in my head all day and it turned out to be the first song he played tonight.
  • Front running women will be zipping past Kath & Alex's abode about 10 minutes to 10am tomorrow. This is something I have to look up every year, though the information remains the same. I have to learn it anew every year so it still fits in htis list. Since I intend to be there to see that happen I must now to bed. To bed!

Happy 2nd day of NaBloPoMo, folks!


  1. I know about those areosole boots. . . sometimes they just freakin. hurt.

  2. You have new readers ALREADY?! You totally rock. I don't think I have anyone new... yet. Hope still reigns.

  3. Marathon Sunday! Enjoy it for me! The Mom of one of my field hockey players is running. Blonde. Heidi. NOT a front running women. Soothe Ryan Reynolds chafed nipples for me.

  4. Chili, you know the reason I get readers early is because I have numbers in my title so I'm near the beginning of the blog roll.

    JRH, I did. I saw Ryan, I took a gajillion photos and I remain convinced these people are nutty.