Saturday, November 29, 2008

The mischevious Brea Grant is a great way to start this one off, I think.
Wayfarer is, he says, between celebrity crushes. I don't know what that means. I wasn't aware you had to be monogamous in your celebrity crushes.
I was also not aware that the above would be the most tame photo of Tara Reid's breasts I could find on the vast internet. I've been doing these Hot People posts for a while and I don't know that I've ever trolled through so many crotch shots to get to photos of faces.
I do, however, feel like I need a good waxer and some numbing cream.
I agreed wholeheartedly to put together a post to help Wayfarer make up his mind about the ladies he's considering for the post of Official Wayfarer Celebrity Crush. I don't think he's the only one who's going to like this, though. I've never had someone request a golfer before. I don't even think we've had a Tiger Woods in the gallery. Congratulations Paula Creamer both for going through life with that name and a straight face and for being our first Hot Person from the Green.
Jessica Alba I knew. It was hard for me to pick photos for her. I feel almost as though, by not choosing nearly nude shots of her, I haven't chosen appropriately representative photos of her and her work. (See also: Anna Kournikova, Tara Reid and, weirdly, Poppy Montgomery.) I didn't though. It just didn't seem right.
You can see her nipples in this next one if you enlarge it, though, so I guess that's a compromise.
I had a different problem with Jennifer Aniston. She's such a lovely woman and there are many flattering photos of her. I think she's come to represent "Sad, Dumped Chick" in the popular mind, though, because it was nearly impossible to find a good shot of her smiling.
Oh my Claire. Oh the righteous Lauren Ambrose. It seems as though I should try my best to remain impartial since this is Wayfarer's decision after all but he put Lauren Ambrose on the list. (Choose Lauren! Choose Lauren!)
On the flip side of that he also chose Catherine Zeta-Jones who...just rubs me the wrong way. It's not her, it's me, I know that.
I know there are people out there who would be perfectly happy to be rubbed any which way by her so I was easily able to find compelling photos.
When I read the list I didn't think I knew Brea Grant. But then I looked at her face and I knew her immediately. Are you watching Heroes this season, too?
Anna Kournikova. I feel like my sitemeter is going to spike because I've used her name and the words nipples and crotch in the same post. She's a perfectly nice girl, I'm sure, but she kind of strikes me as the sad, scary Oksana Baiul of the tennis world.
Lordy, the crotch shots I had to wade through to get these covered up pictures of her. I've got nothing against crotches, crotches are useful I just...they don't interest me as a photographic subject, that's all I'm saying.
The complete opposite of Jennifer Aniston, it was tough to find Grace Park not smiling. Just confirming how welcoming and pleasant she seems.
Do all actresses have to do the barely clad photo shoot thing? I don't see Poppy Montgomery as a pin up type but she's done a number of very sexy sessions. They don't seem like mock ups in photoshop. More disturbing than that are the numerous photos of her with her new baby alongside the ones of her arching her back and covering her areolas with her fingertips. No breastfeeding shots, though, which I thought was funny.
Huh, do I have a bias for Brea Grant that I didn't realize? I might. Oopsie.
Ah, I found the smile. Diligence and persistence actually do pay off.
And I found the not smile. Sort of. Still a knock out, regardless.
Triumph of the post is this one, though. How can you possibly resist her? I suspect we are all powerless before her grace, talent and silky red hair.
Well, Wayfarer? Did that help?


  1. I have to admit that there are a bunch of people here that I don't know.

    I have always thought that Jennifer Aniston was lovely, smiling or not. I haven't paid much attention to what's been going on with her lately, beyond what I get from the headlines on the magazines as I wait in line at the grocery store. Have she and Brad come to some sort of understanding?

  2. Just as I was pulling myself together from last week! Ugh!

  3. Wow! What an awesome Hot People post! I feel honored. I really do. It took a long time to come up with all those photos, and they’re all really good! Thank you for putting it together for me.

    Can I say that being monogamous in my celebrity crushes is sometimes a real challenge? Karla agrees with you about Lauren Ambrose. What does everyone else think? I’m going to have to linger over this decision, and your wonderful pics. I’ll announce a decision in a couple of days.

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    The last picture looks like a lady who was on a (taped) episode of CSI I watched last night. It's the one where there is an apparent S&M based pair of murders, which ends without a resolution. Also, there was the poignant videotape from whatsername who left Gil behind.

    Then again, maybe it was someone else.

  5. I'm not sure about WF, but *I* have a lot of deciding to do now...

  6. Chili, according to the tabloids Jen finally said something about Angelina. It was very mildly scoldy but it has been relentlessly reused in the crappy mags. Plus she's dating notorious player, John Mayer, again so everyone is speculating about that.

    Auntie, you're just going to have to live with an undercurrent of lust. Sorry. (A little.)

    Gerry, it's a different girl. You could, of course, click any of the links I've spent the time to put in here and find out plenty about each actress.

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