Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Non-food Things

There are some non-food treats one can unearth during a day when uncomfortable social rituals must be observed.

1. Scratch off lottery tickets and the attendant bliss of imagining what to do with the money. I favor the $1,000 a week for life ones, they feed my need for security. Things to be done with the mythical won money include saving, forgiving a loan, holiday presents and bribery. For the first time in recent memory the list does not include "quit job."

2. A doggie "gym" found while exploring the area around the new office. Two of the exercise rooms are viewable from the storefront. Too many small, yappy dogs for perfection in my opinion but still super cute and good to know for a pick-me-up on shitty days.

3. Episodes of Dexter's
2nd Season. My Netflix queue is now miraculously below 200, too! It's only at 196 but that's still below 200. I never thought I'd get there.

4. Newly born babies for that circle of life proof one might require. (For the few people reading who are wondering, yes it's those babies, the ones halfway across the world in that sandy place. They got one of each flavor and everyone seems fine. No other specific information was made available to me.)

Of course I also had sno-caps, peanut butter cups and pudding. Nobody's perfect.


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I've got to remember to put Dexter on my Netflix.

  2. Er. Whoops. That was me.

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