Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Snapshots

Sitting on the A train headed into Manhattan I was thankful for the not so little girl kicking my seat. I'd just learned about the attack in Mumbai and I was suddenly so happy she was here trying to annoy the shit out of me instead of there or anywhere like it.

Standing on the corner of 57th & 9th I was glad to have a friend who likes to deliver meals with me. I was thankful that it had turned out that she'd been able to go with me this year even though she had to work. I was especially thankful just for her as she shouted, "I love this! I love that we do this. I want to do this next year! I want to do this forever!"

At the eleventh hour of cleaning before tomorrow's open house I was enormously grateful that I have long thin fingers and a little bit of ingenuity. Otherwise my vacuum cleaner hose would still be clogged and my floor would still be covered in pet hair tumbleweeds.

At least 3 times so far this holiday I have been thankful for my dishwasher.

I'm grateful that none of the people who are coming by tomorrow will really care if my house wouldn't pass the Martha Stewart test (it won't). I'm grateful that, as a result, I will get to bed at a decent hour tonight and get a full night's rest so I'll be prepped and ready for an exhausting day of fun tomorrow.

Walking down the street to the subway I met a 4 month old pit bull whose ears had been cropped with household scissors. Skinny and mouthy and enthusiastic he had been rescued by a man whose girlfriend had called up and said, "I found this puppy who is being abused..." I am thankful that there are people out there who respond to that sort of call and I'm thankful that there are dogs like that who are so goofy-sweet they make it impossible to do anything but laugh.

Ooo, oo, I'm thankful for TV on the internet. I caught up on the Season 5 finale of Entourage and am in the midst of catching up on some Chuck. (Dear Chuck Bartowski, call me! Love, Kizz)

I'm thankful for my ridiculous pie crust stealing, turkey begging, vacuum fearing pets. Fucking goofballs.

I am thankful for yummy Thanksgiving food and I am going to go have some more right now.


  1. I am thankful for you.

    I always clean after the party. I don't really care if it is messy before the party because it gets more messy when the people come. Does that make me selfish?

    Enjoy your open house!

  2. I'm thankful for you too. My house isn't habitable before a party. People would run screaming (not an exaggeration) so I have to clean before and after. I was super lucky that the last guest said, "Why don't we put just one load in the dishwasher before I go?" then proceeded to put away all the food and clear the table while I loaded the dishwasher. I'm definitely better off than I was before the party.

  3. Chuck Bartowski is just so adamndorable.

    My fiance calls himself Chuck Fartowski. It's not quite as charming, is it?