Tuesday, December 02, 2008

10 Things Dermatological

1. I might be addicted to biopsies. Every time I go to one of these appointments someone shaves something off of me or cuts it out or something. I was on the verge of getting out of there clean today but I had to ask about this one spot. On my face. Of course. It's tiny. It'll be fine but

2. I'm a bleeder.

3. I am weirdly afraid of doing anything when I'm supposed to be waiting. I mean, what if your name is called, your food is delivered, your ship comes in and you're in the bathroom? So I didn't go to the bathroom until after my appointment and biopsy. Good thing, too, because that's when I noticed #2. Fortunately

4. June, the nurse, is cool. When I stuck my head into the office and said, "Is it a problem that I'm bleeding out of my dot?" she hopped right up and fixed it.

5. She also gave me more dots and a tiny packet of bacitracin. I feel weird about stuff like that. I love getting free stuff but I wonder if the cost of care for everyone is being driven up by my free stuff.

6. My face itches now. Lidocain or the shaving biopsy? I don't know.

7. I don't use the word scar about my head. I'm fine with "hole in my head," trough, chunnel, dent, even "feel my skull!" but I never say scar. When the doctor said scar today, and he said it a lot, it made me feel icky.

8. This new derm knows the derm who disappeared.

9. Apparently the disappeared one wasn't certified with the insurance companies. The head of the practice where she works is working on getting her certified again but hasn't managed it yet. Don't know why they couldn't just have told me so. Fuckers.

10. This new derm is apparently an internationally renowned doctor who specializes in pediatric dermatology. Probably this is perfect for someone who turns the clock back decades the moment she steps into a doctor's office.


  1. I have a scar, but my doc promised me she'd line it up with one of the furrows my forehead makes when I raise my eyebrows and, Goddess love her, she DID!

  2. I suppose I have some weird holes and troughs on my person was well. And, at first on number 10, I read "internally renowned" and couldn't figure out what was so good about that. Need more coffee.

  3. I love this list and I love the way you wrote it.

    I'm sorry you have a divot...but I am SURE you don't have a scar. I do....probalby thousands of them. I get scars if you even LOOK at me wrong. And I bruise like a grape (whatever that means.)

  4. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I am a veritable scar exhibit, but that's from smashing, banging, burning, bumping, jumping and chopping. On Stargate, there's a magical device that restores a person to their original factory-perfect setting, erasing ALL scars and I think I'd rather have the body I have decorated so creatively. Well, except for the furrow between my eyes that silly me installed when I was two and now covers tenacioulsy with bangs...

  5. How I love the face gutter. Remember last Nov. when we were hanging out with our busted faces?

  6. Oh, it's a scar, there's no doubt about that. I'm just in a state of denial.

    Kath I remember it well. Can't thank you enough for the commiseration!