Tuesday, December 09, 2008

10 Things Santaland

1. Alita brought a list this year. That was a first. There was much shuffling to retrieve it from her mother's bag so she could hand it to him. There was also much covert shuffling after she left with her dad while her mom and Santa pow wowed about the list. Fortunately Santa has a photographic memory so Carmencita could take the list with her when we left. Shhh, don't tell.

2. There is one little thing that we miss. When you first enter the realm you step onto a train and walk through the old fashioned train car. It used to be that you could "see" through the "windows" what was passing by outside (lots of snow covered, evergreen dotted scenery) but that's been gone for the past couple of years. We, Alita especially, remark on its loss every year.

3. That dress is from here. She has a lot of great dresses from that site and I am envious of almost all of them. The women's selections aren't as delicious I don't think.

4. The ABP across from the entrance to Santaland is clearly not under Santa's jurisdiction. While the sticky bun was sinfully delicious my "hot chocolate" was the worst cocoa adjacent thing I've ever had. There was coffee residue in it and the chocolate wasn't good and I had 2 sips and just ditched it.

5. Always charge your camera battery before visiting Santa. Don't be me. Still kicking myself.

6. Later, on the subway, we had a talk about a Santa-related moral dilemma. When Santa asks if you've been good and, hypothethically, you haven't is it better to lie and say that you were good because you want to be on the Nice list or better to tell the truth and get points for that? Carmencita reminded us all of the life lesson, "It's never the crime. It's always the cover-up." Keep that in mind.

7. Also on the subway but unrelated to the moral dilemma discussion we saw someone panhandling. Carmencita told me that Alita declared a short while ago, "When we see someone asking for money on the train we have to give them some." Every time. So they do. We don't know what sparked this but, especially these days, it's a nice thing for her to explore doing.

8. My girl whipped her coat off while she was in line and asked her parents to hold it. Then, of course, she was cold. So I hung my coat on her shoulders (you'll see in the photos when I post them) which means I got to be the only adult not lugging a coat around. It's good to be the aunt.

9. Those elves have the line down to a science. They say we waited about 35 minutes but I didn't even notice. The sections of the line are so short that every little while there's some sort of demarcation that feels like you've really gotten somewhere. Before you know it you're being led to Santa's cabin. Seriously I was sure we had a left turn and about 10 feet left to go before we got picked up by our Escort Elf but we didn't, off we were whisked.

10. Unlike some families we waited until Miss Alita was 4 or 5 (no one can remember which ) before we started this tradition. As I may have told you there were some rumblings that she might already be over the glitz and glamor and pageantry of it all. When I brought up the scheduling I was told it might already be over. Turns out it wasn't, it most emphatically wasn't, and I was awash in relief. I was willing to believe, though it made me sad, that she was ready to move on from this part but I'm not ready. I'm a long way from ready. Do you think it would be inappropriate to ask Santa to send her some sort of prescription or contract so that we can keep doing this until I'm dead and gone? 'Cause that's how long I want to keep doing it. Even if we get so big we endanger the Big Guy's lap.


  1. I loved reading this so much, I logged out, logged back in, and read it again. Thanks, and much love to you, Kizz.

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  3. Its a great post. That is true. You are a great Auntie!
    Any word from Mrs.G on Mr.G... its still quiet over at Derfwad and was wondering how he was. Hope all is well!

  4. This has never been a tradition for us but, then again, we don't have the cool Santa Land you have; we get stuck with the cheesy mall Santas, and he wrecks the fantasy for the girls.

    I think Punkin's beyond Santa at this point, but she's still playing along for her sister...

  5. Clemo, thanks, I enjoyed writing it.

    Gert, I've heard nothing. We'll see.

    I might have started when she was 3 if I'd thought of it. That seems appropriate. That being said I've waiting in line for a mall Santa before and a 35 minute wait in that situation feels like 35 minutes, hell it feels like 95!

  6. Sometimes, when they're really young, all they get out of a visit to Santa is a new phobia. ;)