Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Call It A Fulcrum

Chili requested a Hot People post for a show so new that it still has that static film across the front to protect it.
It's called Leverage.
Click that link above or this one before you open the comments window and tell me proudly that you don't recognize anyone here.
The internet will reveal all, I promise.
For instance, it reminded me that this dude, Aldis Hodge, was in Friday Night Lights. Somehow he didn't seem as sexy in that. Maybe it's the computer hacking he does in Leverage.
I just put this next one in to make you feel dirty.
Although, frankly, this one makes me feel a little dirtier.
This one just makes me wiggly.
Must stop talking now because I'm about to reveal my weakness.
I know he was evil on Angel, but I still found him hot. Perhaps it's the slightly creepy eyes.
They make a pretty group, eh?


  1. Mmmmm! Thank you.

    I take back what I said about Tim Hutton - that picture makes me wiggly, too. The brunette almost makes me want to switch teams and pretty much ALL the men make me glad that I'm straight. I'm strangely attracted to the boy with the long hair, though the short do works for me, too..

  2. I have always had a soft spot for Timothy Hutton. I'll have to check out his new show.

  3. Where can I check this out?

  4. Leverage is on TNT. New shows on Tuesday nights, I think at 10 Eastern but I'm not sure. They replay a few times during the week for catching up/DVRing purposes.

  5. tim hutton does. not. suck. and the hot guy from Angel??? pretty sure he's an Okie!
    talk about some wind sweeping down the plain...or up a skirt...or down a--what? you get the drift? okiedokie.

  6. "OKIE dokie" heh, you're funny.

  7. Anonymous9:24 AM

    You know, after my comment in the near past that TV actors seemed to be "fungible," it's not that I don't recognize the people in the pictures, it's that they all seem familiar although it is possible I've never seen them before.

    Timothy Hutton I do recall from that weird movie about a military academy.

  8. Lancelot and I have been watching this. It's fairly good.

    As for Kane, yummy. And he was evil in Angel but turned almost good in the end. Well, he was always good in the hind end department, but you get my point.

  9. I don't know who any of these people are except Tim Hutton. I actually had a crush on his father (yikes). Thanks for warming up my morning with pretty pretty people.

    I keep meaning to request a hot people tribute to the hilarious and hottt Paul Rudd. Maybe you've already done one?