Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dear Internet (part ? of ?)

Dear Internet,

Why is my metal ice cream scoop leaving metal tasting residue in my ice cream and how do I make it stop?


P.S. You'd be so proud of me today. I spent all afternoon in the kitchen cooking protein for the week, making chocolate sauce and rum balls and pumpkin chocolate chip squares for presents and the joint looks better now than it did when I started. Then I figured out that I don't have the right cords to make my scanner work but found pics to scan which I'll do on my lunch break tomorrow at work which will enable me to send out my birthday invitations. Wrote to my friend who only gets snail mail. Organized some shit. After this I'm going to write some Holiday Cards. I'm almost afraid to say this but they might even be all done before Christmas. That never happens. Hope you're having a good Sunday. Thanks for the help with the ice cream scoop thing.

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  1. I can't tell you WHY your ice cream scoop is imparting a metallic taste to your ice cream, but I know that it SHOULDN'T. Get a new scoop.

    Wowie - you're the picture of get it done. Care to send some of that MY way?