Monday, December 29, 2008

Game, Set &, of course, Match

Over at Please Pass The Popcorn I'm complaining about Woody Allen. Please go over there and help to set me straight.

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  1. I fell for Annie Hall. I know because Diane Keaton is everything I want to be when I get to be something.
    Woody. He's like that hairless dog or kitten you find almost drowned in the rain.
    You have to have a moment of bonding and a little bit of pity in a weird way. It just has to occur and its a bit magical when it does.
    I don't pretend to get all of his jokes. But I do love the parade of actors he attracts.
    And he plays some pretty decent jazz.
    His best work... Antz. Honestly. That cartoon ant.
    He used to write for Carson. Does that help?