Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Happy!

First I disappear for days on end and now you can't get me to shut my freaking pie hole. Mmm, pie. Mmm, The Pie Hole. Mmm, Lee Pace!

Wait, what?

Sorry, I actually came back here to remind everyone that one of our favorite college students, Grammar Snob, is celebrating her birthday today (bless you Facebook for reminding me!). Happy birthday! Don't work too hard! Here's to a new year even better than the last.


  1. HEY!! Happy birthday, Snob!! I'm seconding Kizz's wishes - I hope things just keep getting better for you!



  2. Thanks very much. This life of mine, stressful, hectic, not enough hours in the day life - well, it fits me perfectly. And my friends inside the computer make it MUCH happier.

    Thank you, so much.

  3. I love Pushing Daisies! I totally want a Pie Hole!

  4. I'm so glad it fits you and that you're happy. I wish you a ton more of that.