Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's All In The Details

Whoever guessed, "sitting in the vet's office wondering what to do about my dog bleeding from the vagina" wins the prize!

We found out some new stuff today. I liked the new doc in the practice and she got to the bottom of a lot of stuff. There was an x-ray to look for stones. It was inconclusive due to the current state of the bowel but she agreed she'd go at least 75% sure that there aren't any. We took blood to get full blood work since we haven't had any of that since 2006. At that point (seriously, while Pony Express and I were holding her still so the doc could take blood some guy knocked and walked in to hand us the fax) we finally got the fax about the urine culture from the emergency vet visit. It said that she had high levels of E-coli and that this particular strain was resistant to Clavamox, the antibiotic we just finished a course of. So we're off with a course of another antibiotic (it begins with a B and I don't have it handy right now) that the culture indicates can defeat this bacteria and we're hoping that solves all the problems. If it doesn't the next step is an ultrasound to check the bladder and kidneys in a more thorough way, the suspicion being that there are stones somewhere that need to be gotten rid of

The idea of there being stones makes me somewhat nervous. I don't really want to be in a position of deciding whether to risk putting her under for any kind of surgery or procedure since she's of a certain age. The alternative being not putting her under and approaching whatever the problem is with palliative care which, by definition, is not curative. The logic of what we learned today, though, makes it relatively likely that we're still looking at just curing the infection. So I'm going to remind myself of that and wait to hear about the blood work and think about ways that I can make a little extra money to pay off last week's $400 and this week's $300 and whatever might be coming soon.

Quote of the day, and quite likely the reason I like this doctor so much, "Vulva looks nice!" Why thank you for noticing.


  1. I was so hoping you were going to veg in front of the tv all day. I hope Emily feels better soon. Sick pets and sick babies are the worst. Neither can tell you what's wrong.

    Obviously the vet thinks Em's vulva looks nice unless you have a habit of dropping your pants at the vets office. I'm sure yours is nice too though. ;)

  2. Oh, poor, poor baby! Here's hoping she gets better quickly.

    Can't they zap the stones with sonic waves, like they do with people?

    Poor darling.

  3. Okay so I am thinking about you and Em. I'm walking through WalMart and I'm thinking of you. I'm pulling clothes out of the dryer and thinking of you.
    I am thinking of you.

  4. Anonymous3:13 PM

    OOOH, sending good wishes to you and Emily. Glad you've got to the bottom (wince, sorry) of things and have a course of action to make your furred child get better fast.

    Thinking of you, too. NOT thinking about my knee. I sent husband out to get a gel icepack so I could strap it to my person and ice the swollen owie that is my kneecap pretty much constantly. Thanks for the good wishes and going back to lie down now...

  5. Oh Auntie, you flatter me. And my dog! I wished I was vegging in front of the TV, too. Sorry about the Pats.

    g, I don't know how they deal with the stones. I'm assuming with meds and/or the zapping. If there's zapping, though, I suspect the anesthesia question will come up.

    Gert, all that thinking does us lots and lots of good, thanks.

    O'Mama, I hope you had him get 2 ice packs so you can rotate. There's a particular kind I really like but I don't really know what they call it so I can't even properly recommend it.