Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Like A Crossover Episode

Over at PPP today I did a 10 Things Tuesday about DVDs on my shelf. I don't have it in me to come up with another theme so we're doing a crossover episode like that one time where the hurricane swept through Miami on the Golden Girls and that other show with Kristy McNichol.

1. Not at all surprisingly I have Elizabeth on the shelf. When your parents sell you on living for a year in England because you're named after two Queens (not that kind) you develop an attachment, even if you find out later you weren't named after queens at all (any kind). Yes, some people get all bent that they completely crumpled up the time line and the history of it. Turns out I don't care. I promise I'll get twice as righteous about some other movie to make up for it.

2. Mystery, Alaska is referenced in the PPP post but not an actual entry so I'm putting it in here. I love the sports flick, I warned you.

3. Lone Star State of Mind was foisted on my by JRH. In truth I'm really glad I have it even if it is the very worst movie ever made since they invented celluloid. It's so bad I feel as though you should be able to scrape this movie off the film to find the true masterpiece they smuggled out of Germany underneath. Except the scene with Josh Jackson in the bathtub in his cowboy hat. You leave that scene alone or I will cut you with a spur!

4. I own all the seasons of Due South. I really like having all the seasons of stuff. If all the seasons include a very cool dog and Paul Gross being all gentlemanly and gorgeous so much the better.

5. Ooo, speaking of Paul Gross I have a season or two of Slings & Arrows. I know I don't have Season One but I think I have the other two. If you love theatre, comedy, television and good acting then you need to see this series.

6. The second season of Mad About You is there because Pony Express is trying to find exactly one episode that she loves. I can't remember which episode it is but I can tell you it isn't in the second season. Doesn't matter I'm happy with all the episodes of this show.

7. Grosse Point Blank is one of the many John Cusack vehicles I keep close at all times. I love his little bent pinky and his snarky comments and his suspicious eyes and the way he holds a firearm. His sister is my hero, too. "It was just as if everyone has swelled." Yes. Yes it was.

8. I am in love with the Logger (pictured). He doesn't know I'm alive. I am afraid to rectify this. That is stupid.

9. Carrie Fisher was on Craig Ferguson on Friday and man if she isn't the craziest person walking this earth. I have Postcards From the Edge and I watch it kind of a lot, I'm surprised the part where they sing at the coming home party isn't worn right through. I haven't read any of her books, though I really want to. Perhaps a library card for Manhattan is in order since my office is only a few blocks from the main branch.

10. I own Serenity as sort of a placeholder for wishing I owned every episode of Firefly. Of course the SciFi channel runs the entire series over the course of a Friday every couple of months so it's almost like I own it and Serenity might even tell the story better than the series.


  1. With the exception of Elizabeth, which I JUST bought out of a bargain bin, yet again, I come up empty on your lists. Did you see the second installment of that film? Shall I seek that out for purchase, as well?

    I DO love Mad About You - tell me which episode she's looking for; even though I don't have ANY of the DVDs, I might remember where in the arc of the story the ep took place.

    I have NO idea who the Logger is, and he doesn't know me, either; we're even.

  2. Gah. What show WAS that with Kristy? I remember it, kinda sorta.

    And I too want to know about the MAY ep.

    I saw Postcards on the Edge on a date with a boy named Tim. Just sayin.

  3. Postcards is one of my all time favorites. Carrie Fisher is too. I just bought her book and started reading it last night. She had electric shock treatment and now has lost a lot of her memory!!! crazy. She makes us look GOOOOOOOOOOd.

    I will always think about watching Elizabeth with you at that little theatre in Saginaw with the organ lady rising up from the stage. sigh. good times.

    and whatever it is in your brain that just likes having all the eps of something?I have it too.

  4. I love Elizabeth both films! Cate is so pretty. Well done.
    We both still share the love for the Mystery, Alaska... Russell, my abusive boyfriend.
    Mad About You! I watch it at night. Love all the Hank guest spots. Such great writing!
    Some of the others that I don't know I am writing down to watch while I am enjoying government cheese these next few weeks!

  5. It seems perhaps that we DO have the MAY ep. It's the one where Burt is rushed to the hospital for a heart problem and it turns out that his heart races when he's near Sylvia.

    Chili, I haven't watched the 2nd Elizabeth yet. I am wary. It's in my queue, though.

    JRH, I looked it up, the show was called Empty Nest and her dad was played by one of the dads from Soap. Wow, wish I had Soap on my shelf.

    Zelda, I KNOW, she was talking about the memory loss and everything. LIKE IT WAS A GOOD THING! I, too, think about seeing Elizabeth there. I think it's part of why I'm willing to cut the movie so much slack, the experience was so rich.

    Gert, I'm happy to help. Tell me you've seen Thirteen. You really must.

  6. I keep waiting for SciFi to do one of those marathons so I can get all caught up on Firefly.

    Also, I absolutely love Grosse Pointe Blank. "I'll see you at the 'I've peaked and I'm kidding myself party!'"

  7. Oh, THAT Kristy show. Wasn't she on better stuff when she was younger (and her bangs were taller)? Going to imdb...

  8. Yes, I have seen Thirteen. Knocked me right off my fancy heels. Holly Hunter was amazing.
    And the BDD, Lord Almighty.
    I'll have a teen soon... scared!

  9. I sorta got distracted by the naked guy.

    Serenity/Firefly rocks.

  10. I'm distracted by the naked guy, too. He's delightful.

  11. I kinda look like that guy. Kinda.

  12. Anonymous8:02 PM

    For whatever reason my computer finally just now revealed the picture of the naked guy...

    WHOA! Hey now!

    Gotta give credit where credit is due, though. Good lookin' guy. He's in great shape, too.

    Too bad he can cover himself up so easily with just one hand, though... ;)

  13. Well Wayfarer, I've never seen you standing next to a birch tree so I couldn't say. :)