Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just 10 Things

1. It was hard to get my ass to work today. Just not feeling it, as the kids say, so I had to whimsy my shit up with my Red Sox holiday chapeau. (And, apparently, my pointy, pointy chin.)

2. Today is my last day at work for 2008. (Wheeeeeee!)

3. I am leaving at 3:30 (at the latest) for the dual purpose of rescuing my dog before she gets too uncomfortable and for getting me out of here before I dissolve into a big puddle of DO NOT WANT (as the littler kids say).
4. The computer company that has been all up in my grill for months sent an enormous gift basket. Audio Girl and I pulled out the things that were yummy and left the other stuff in the kitchen for sharing. Yummy to us, that is. It's not like we left a bunch of rotten fruit and stale crackers for everyone else.

5. Tonight the Bobster comes to stay!

6. I must Bob-proof the house between walking Em and picking him up. Don't want him eating a gut full of Oreo Thin Crisps or anything.

7. This time my tactic for soothing the cat-hate of Bobby visits is going to be to concentrate on Bob. When he starts to pay attention to them I'm going to call him to me for a treat instead. A distraction technique. No idea if it'll work. Other suggestions welcome, just know that separating the cats from the dogs is not logistically possible. It's also not desirable. I want the cats to learn that other harmless beings will come around sometimes and they're just going to have to deal.

8. Bebe is coming to rearrange my furniture on Saturday. She has a plan, a big plan. I hope we can execute it without herniating ourselves.

9. Em is doing better. We're only 2 pills into the "right" antibiotic so far but I am optimistic. Didn't hear about the blood work, will try and call about that today or tonight.

10. There's something wrong with the fact that I associate the New Year with curling up on the couch and watching as much TV as my brain can hold, topped with some more TV and maybe a movie on the side. So looking forward to that. I just started watching Arrested Development from the beginning on hulu. The last disc of Season 1 of Mad Men should arrive tonight and then I can dive into the DVR'd eps of Season 2. Can't wait!

What says New Year's Day to you?


  1. Nice hat! Will you wear it the next time you see me?

  2. Of course I will. I will also wear my pointy pointy chin.