Monday, December 29, 2008

Many Is The End-Of-Year Meme

I can't remember where I found this but I do enjoy it. You list just the first line of the first post of each month. Usually it gives you a fair idea of where you've been over the course of the year.

January: I feel like I haven't given you the background on this steam pipe thing.

February: There's an interesting discussion over at My Open Wallet about the "right" amount to give to charity.

March: A while back SueBob did a post about the Serenity Prayer over at her regular gig on Flawed But Authentic.

April: 1. A Mother: denominations (gets blank stare from daughter) so it's given out in increments.

May: Just a little up for your date here.

June: Seester prompted me to catch you up on whatever happened with my Friday plans.

July: So I up and decided to join up for the July topic on NaBloPoMo.

August: I meant to give you flowers. I have taken pictures of flowers for you but I haven't downloaded them yet.

September: Does anyone who attended my performance in July have anything to say about it?

October: I forget where I first saw the link to this transcript of Chris Rock on Larry King.

November: Welcome to NaBloPoMo y'all!

December: Don't call it an encore, bitches.

It seems more random than in years past. Maybe I say that every year, though. I should go check. Huh. I didn't do it last year. That's weird. No, wait, maybe I did it in January of this year. Yup, I did. It does seem random now but I didn't comment on it. Just for the fun of comparison, here's the 2006 entry, done in January of 2007, which I called interesting but not representative.

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