Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peeking Out From Behind the Wall

It seems I have felt a little like the above where the internet is concerned this week.

Sorry, I don't know why. If I knew I'd tell you.
I am finally surfacing to process some photos and write some e-mails and whatnot.
In case you wondered what I was up to I did take a few photos (see Flickr for a more complete picture book). Above is my obligatory Christmas self-portrait.
Below are the cinnamon buns I whacked and unwrapped early on Christmas Day then I spent the next 2 hours trying not to eat them all. Fortunately I had plenty of help so no one person was forced into a cinnamon-sugar coma.

Oh, I ate a bunch of seafood. It was a very seafoody Christmas and for that I was extremely grateful.
I don't know this guy but ChemE and I became fascinated by him as a New England Christmas Eve icon.
I'm still catching up on photographic memories like the ones of MAB above and the ones of Alita and Monroe below. Some day I'll tell you the whole story of what's going on here but I want to go walk the dog (who survived just fine in my absence) and sleep before I go meet a nice Canadian girl for brunch tomorrow.
What have you been up to?


  1. My friends and I had our holiday party last night. The night before some of us went out to see another friend sing at a bar. Good times.

  2. I'm SO glad I had a chance to be with you while you were here. Thank you for making the time for me.

    The Chili clan is, well, chillin'. Bruder's here until about noon tomorrow, so today is going to be spent by taking a trip to Kit'try and then steeping in football. The girls and I will duck out to go to O'Mama's latke-fest somewhere in the middle of the Pats' game (I hope she appreciates that I'm ducking out in the MIDDLE of a PATS' game to eat hash browns with her!). I'm not sure what the evening plans are - I suspect that the in-laws will want another piece of Bruder before he goes...

  3. I loved the pictures! Most especially the self-portrait and the cinnabuns....which I could climb through the screen and eat about now.