Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pieces & Bits, Bits & Pieces

I just tried to submit a comment over at Leah's place and it didn't take. Often her SPAM filter thinks I am SPAM. She was asking for advice on how to sidestep advice during the first part of her kid's life. (The kid is due very soon.) This is what I said

"I have no advice for this because I have never had a baby and I'm willing to bet I never will. I always thought, though, that if I did have a kid (not something I was hoping for but I do like to plan for all scenarios) I wouldn't want anyone around for the first week. At least.

OK, technically I wanted to move away to somewhere I knew absolutely no one for the entire pregnancy then have no one I knew there for the birth then have them see the kid in the hospital then have them go away for about two weeks until I got my feet under me. (Yes, I did think about it a lot. No, I don't know why. Yes, it is a little creepy, I know, sorry.) I just know that I feel the need to keep everyone happy and quiet and reduce all conflict to zero so I give in far easier than I should when other people are giving advice and I wouldn't want that to be the way the first few weeks of my kid's life went.

So, no advice just a totally crazy story about stuff that happens inside my head apparently. I bet that wasn't helpful at all. Oops!

To make up for that I will tell you that I went to see Santa with a friend today (she's 7) and it was so super fun. It's one of my favorite traditions with her. I can't wait until you get to go do that with your kid."

Who goes to see Santa without charging their camera battery? WHO? Yeah, you know who. I got some shots, probably a few nice ones, but just as we entered Santa's cabin the camera quit so no candids of her earnest and delightful conversation with the Jolly Old Elf. I have one of the professional shots, though. I'm going to try to scan that later.

Remember when there were minimums to use debit cards in stores and then when banks wanted to increase use somehow there weren't minimums anymore. Well now there are minimums again. Just when I'm getting on the using my debit card bandwagon, of course. I find this very frustrating. Is this somehow connected to failing banks?

I wish I could see my TV from my kitchen. I know that is intensely slothful but it's true. I would cook more if I could.

I firmed up some plans for my birthday today. Details forthcoming. Let me know if you want to be on the invite list. There will be a selection process. It will be like the Olympic Trials but without the useless post-game drug testing.

Oh and Kristin had her beautiful baby boy in the early part of yesterday so if you say any special words or light any special things or dance around naked under the moon when a new person arrives on planet earth I invite you to do so on his behalf.


  1. I got all my advice while I was rolling around pregnant. Almost none after the babies actually arrived.

    I'd dance naked under the moon but DAMN! It's COLD out. How about a hearty "Congratulations!" instead?

  2. If I were to dance naked under the moon, it would be EXACTLY as cold as this witch's tits. No thank you, but welcome to the world, little man!

  3. Chili, she's going to have family staying with them in the house for the first couple of weeks. Honestly I don't know what she's thinking, that's my worst freaking nightmare.

    Congratulations and welcome are just perfect, thanks!