Thursday, December 04, 2008


I was at Who's Your Doggy tonight talking to Tracy about our favorite people food. She's a big fan of peanut butter and insists that I try peanut butter between my next piece of French toast and its syrup. Sounds pretty good to me.

Then I came home and for the second time this week I proved that a. there really is a recession on and b. I'm totally not tied to Weight Watchers anymore.

A couple of nights ago I finished off the Thanksgiving leftovers but there wasn't any protein left. I poked around in the cupboards and found some Vienna sausage and made creamed chipped beef on toast basically, except it wasn't chipped, it wasn't beef and that wasn't cream! Homemade bread made into homemade toast laid with little slices of Vienna sausage then drowned in homemade gravy. It was really good until about the 85th gram of fat. Then I began to feel a little oogy.

Tonight I knew that the only protein in the house was more Vienna sausage, some low fat hot dogs or some edamame in the freezer. I wanted to order in Thai food but I had just spent $120 on some Christmas presents so I felt I should dig a little deeper. Couldn't eat the hot dogs because I'm out of relish. Still felt a little oogy about the sausages and just didn't think the edamame would fit the bill. But wait, perhaps there would be some beans, I could have franks and beans. I love franks and beans. There weren't any beans but there was a can of corn chowder that was good until 2010. So I had that accompanied by a tortilla with some hummus. Now I'm snacking on multi-grain Cheerios and realizing it's time to order some groceries because I've seen the inside of my cupboard and there's only one direction the meal selection is going and it ain't up.

What are you eating?


  1. well. I'm eating lean cuisine spaghetti and some green beans.

    what I really want is something slurried in cheese sauce. the fake yellow kind.
    and chips.
    salty salty chips.

    maybe I'll throw a cheese slice on the frozen meal. or the green beans.

    either way...gah.

    I miss our white trash carpet picnics

  2. Nope. Ain't gonna eat Vienna Sausages. You can't make me!

    I always buy canned tuna when I see its on sale, and since I like beans, I usually have a can of beans around. Italian tuna and white bean salad is ALWAYS delicious, and if I don't have anything else in the house, I usually have that.

    Happy eating!

  3. Anonymous12:10 AM

    We keep refried beans,cashews, garlic, and cheese around, some pasta and some frozen veggies. The local fresh market has CSA veggies and very fresh beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and fish. I can always make something of that.

    No lack of food choices here. There are a hundred great restaurants here in Happy Valley. This includes a home cooked meal here at home.

    Let us know when you might be passing by, would love to meet you.

  4. I just finished eating some bread dipped in melted brie fondue, tiny little turkey meatballs and several Sees Candies.

  5. I had a pop tart for lunch and pork chops with rice for dinner. Thursdays are hard to eat because I am so busy.

  6. I'm making up for last week's indescretions by eating more salad. I like salad, especially when I'm training. It processes better than fatty stuff (especially since I have no gallbladder anymore).