Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm a mite scattered today. I'm working very hard, and on work stuff, too! I've got fun and creative work and guests and pre-planning for other fun going on. I also have a little financial woe, not big, just little and partially self-inflicted and if I ever get 3 minutes to string together I'll tell you all about it. Did I mention the movies? Crap, I didn't. I've got 2 pieces for PPP in my head that haven't been allowed out to play yet. Sorry. I'm working on it. For now I've just got a couple of questions before I get gussied up and go to a party.

First is for you savvy shoppers out there. Do we have any of those? We must. I like a plain long sleeved tee for my late fall, winter, early spring uniform. I saw some really nice ones in the Gap the other day at 2 for $15. After Christmas will the price on those likely go down, up or will the item disappear all together?

What is the correct response when an employee of your dwelling place tells you, "I've got you on my Christmas list!" repeatedly? Last year he did the same thing and nothing came of it so I'm trying just to ignore it. I usually give a few bucks in an envelope to security and another envelope to maintenance and assume they pool tips.

Is Auntie going to call me mean for posting this picture even though she asked for it?

Are any of you cat whisperers or do you know any? Elvis is getting increasingly evil toward visiting dogs and we're having Bobby around for the New Year which makes me really happy. I want to lessen the angst, though. Usually the angst only lasts for the first night. Do I just deal and let them work it out or can I help it along?

Did you hear about the successful sit-in in Chicago? (This relates really hugely to the lack of regulation in our financial system and why the bailouts are maybe kind of sketchy so please go read that very short post. I want you all to know what's going on because there's going to be ranting and raving about regulation and deregulation and capitalism sooner or later and we should all have some words to say about it.)

Have you finished your holiday shopping?

Should that dab of essential oil I put under my arm really be burning like this?

Have you started your holiday shopping?

Should I feel weird about the huge bump in traffic I got due to the post about a certain late night talk show host's personal tragedy (how's that for foiling the googlers?!)? It wasn't why I wrote it and frankly I was pretty surprised when it happened.

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

Ciao, I've got champagne to drink. I'll have a slug for you!


  1. Ooof! Cleavage! Nice!

    I say buy 'em. Every time I think I'll come back to something, it's gone.

    I'm MOSTLY done with my Christmas shopping, but not entirely.

    I'm working on figuring a way to get to your birthday bash (you didn't ask that, but I'm telling you anyway).

    Have FUN!!

  2. The Gap shirts will still be there. I buy a few every year. I love them.

    That is a very nice sweater you are wearing. I won't even tell you what I said(out loud while by myself)when I saw that picture.

    I have not started my holiday shopping yet. It's to early.

  3. I almost emailed you about the sit it because it was totally connected to BOA and you use that bank right? And you had those issues with it earlier.
    The photo is fantastic.
    Buy the shirts. Why not when they are that cheap?
    Cats don't like dogs right?
    And Elvis, we he is so spicy anyway.
    Hope all goes well with the hosting!
    Can't wait to read all the details!
    You are a darling!

  4. Every time I wait, whatever I was waiting for is gone. At 2/15, I'd but 'em.

    Also this: WOW. Hot stuff, Kizz. It's Kizzalicious!

  5. BUY 'em. Not but 'em. Pardon, I was distracted by the photo :-)

  6. Auntie, you're welcome. :)

    Gert that whole cats and dogs thing is pretty questionable. Lots of cats and dogs get along really well.

    Snob, very flattering that I tangled your typing fingers.

    Chili, keep me posted on travel plans. I know you're going to DC pretty much the next weekend so I understand it won't necessarily be easy or even possible.

  7. I'm sorry. I'm distracted by the cleavage.

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Being a staple of my machine-washable wardrobe as well, I'm going to weigh in and say that you should go ahead and get the GAP shirts. They'll get marked down to $9.99 after the holidays, but my experience is that the only remaining options will be XS or some peculiar shade of yellow.

  9. Anonymous9:15 PM

    cleavage..necklace..cleavage...necklace..where should I be looking.. my eyes can't really settle anywhere. OK, they landed on the Mona Lisa smile. Flirt.

  10. Everyone else has commented on the cleavage, so I'm going to carry on with the Carpenters' song reference...

    Just like me, they long to be close to yooooou.

    FYI: Lauren Ambrose is doing a Hallmark TV special soon. I can't stand Hallmark specials, but it's Lauren Ambrose. I'm torn.

  11. Hey, we have the same superhero necklace! I wore mine today.

  12. Boy do you look nice! :)

    I have barely begun Christmas shopping. I'm not as enthusiastic about it this year what with all the financial woes. Sigh.