Sunday, December 14, 2008

She's Not That Cruel

I think it's funny that even when we create families they tend to follow the same format as the families that spring out of nature. Today my house was full of people I am not in any way related to. There were two little girls raising extremely controlled and intelligent cain in my bedroom. I dug out an old Where's Waldo book and left the dog's ramp up to the bed and they didn't need anything else. I wouldn't have said my apartment was big enough for an interesting game of hide and seek but I would have been wrong.

Then, just as she was headed out, Bebe went in to say goodbye to the girls and a moment later we were all being treated to a show. In her role as resident grandmother Bebe organized them and us into our own private theater with chairs for stages and standing room only. Each girl sang two songs and you've never heard such thunderous applause. I snuck my camera out and got a couple of shots I'll share later.

I remember being the kid on the chair but I never felt quite old enough to be the adult holding her breath to see how the show would turn out. Turns out I am and I like this side a little better.


  1. I was always the kid on the picnic table. with my poor sister an unwilling partner. I'm so glad your social was good!!! and btw, so proud of you for hosting it!!! wish I was there!

  2. sounds like a lot of fun for a cold and wet day.

  3. She has stage presence, that girl. Love the outfit. I'm a sucker for the villains.

  4. She does have a certain something, doesn't she?