Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Things Birthday-Adjacent

1. Thank goodness for Chinatown buses. They got MamaKizz, SoDivine and Queen Bee here in record time, all in one piece for cheap as cheap can be on Friday and returned them in like fashion on Sunday. Even the Bolt and Mega bus franchises don't afford the same kind of reliability and ease.

2. Zelda colored my hair! She bought me the stuff and gave me the directions but I was too scared and didn't have enough hands so, while we hung out on Sunday, she did it for me. What kind of friend am I that makes people travel all this way and then puts them to work?

3. Speaking of hanging out on Sunday that was a rare birthday-extension treat, too. Zelda and Chrome came over then Arnie brought his family so we could have a mini-Michigan reunion of sorts. We even got Dionysus on the phone and talked to him. And it all just came together with no planning since I didn't know Zelda was coming so she hadn't made specific plans.

4. Pony Express and I went to dinner and out for a fancy drink on my actual birthday before we picked up the northern contingent at the bus. The fancy drink place hasn't been open that long so I've only been there a few times but I'm starting to get a feel for the place. There's one bartender in particular (part owner perhaps?) who is quite unbearably pompous. So much so that I have trouble not being snotty with him. Another guy made me a fabulous cocktail, though, a "Pop It" made with champagne and fresh cherries and some sort of cherry bitters or liqueur. I think I could have done with out that last ingredient but it was still very good.

5. My apartment is maybe a half hour away from being in its pre-party spiffed up condition. I plan on righting that tonight and then just living in it for a while. I can see things that need to be done now, follow on things, but I have no desire to create the mess that must be made to make the changes. Not yet anyway.

6. I absorbed my Netflix offerings yesterday after Zelda skipped town and, I know it's a straight girl boring old cliche, but I remain enthralled by Kate Moennig. Enthralled I tell you...among other things. Hence the photo.

7. I feel both incredibly old and no different at all. I think the incredibly old part is more about the headache I've been fighting for about 24 hours than anything else. It seems, finally, to be dissipating.

8. I have felt incredibly creatively charged this week but with all the great things happening I haven't been able to act on it. No time! Cleaning to do! Party! Friends! Now, the cleaning is usually something I would tell to go fuck itself if I wanted to write or take pictures but this week that was not to be and now I feel trapped in that space. Also? Got bumped out of Flickr on Yahoo and can't remember my username or password. Can't get yahoo to write me back with help, either, so perhaps we'll all be waiting a little longer for me to post photos.

9. Just got a huge load off my mind. Alita made me a card and told me specifically to look at it when I opened my gifts, which I didn't do until after the party. I haven't been able to find the card at all. Today, though, e-mail revealed it was wedged in Carmencita's bag and will be coming to me by snail mail.

10. I had a lot of fun for my birthday. Have I mentioned that lately?


  1. This is me, grinning about the joy that is just radiating off of you. I mean it; no one deserves it more.

  2. I am so happy you had such a great time at your party. As a gift to you I will refrain from reminding you that Shane is a whore.


  3. Have you not been paying attention? She is straight girl kryptonite! Also? You just not understand her.

    I am about to start throwing quotes at you and I don't even know if you watch the show. Plus I'm a season behind since I don't have Showtime and have to watch the DVDs when they come out.

  4. Hooray!! So NOW how's it feel to be 40? Pretty good, I bet!

  5. You know, it feels a lot like 39 only with more anticipation. "Do I feel 40 now? How about now? Now?!?!"