Thursday, January 29, 2009


This week I have been consuming the internet like 2 all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun. I have to share. I know linky posts are weird but I have to share. Please let me share. Come on please?

Eh, you know what? I'm gonna do it anyway.

Firstly I have made my way through the finalists for the Ninth Annual Weblog Awards. Despite a vow earlier this year to pare down my Google Reader, sites have been added and fun has been had. People ask me all the time how I find the blogs I read. No small part of my blogroll has been discovered by tiptoeing through nominees for different blogging awards. There's a lot of good stuff in there this year.

Kath linked to a bunch of things having to do with the Beatles. I think you'll like them all. George Harrison doing a pirate song? I know. Go look. I took the "freakishly accurate" Beatles quiz and I came up a John (heh) but it turns out I don't know enough about the Beatles to know if that's freakishly accurate or not. You experts out there (I know you're out there) should feel free to let me know.

One of the blogs I got hooked on from the Weblog Awards is Dear Old Love. It's short, one or two sentence, letters to old loves. Here are some of my favorites.

Mighty Goods linked to a book called "The Guide to Doing Me." It's like a baby book for your sexy body...or something. You fill in your preferences so a partner can study up before making a ghastly error or wasting your time or, I don't know, figuring it out him or herself. While it's an interesting idea I feel one should beware the date who says, "Here's something to read while I go slip into something more comfortable."

You guys! According to Gothamist (and a number of other reputable sources I'm sure) the Post Office is considering a cost-cutting measure of reducing the number of delivery days in the week! I got a little pit of fear in my stomach when I heard that. MY NETFLIX! I love to get mail, like stupid love it, and I try to write people letters and send cards so I have a chance of getting some back. I also have an elaborate Netflix strategy for getting the most movies out of my week. This will blow all of that to hell! On the other hand I know that other countries (the UK) have this sort of arrangement and I know that Canada Post is a lot less reliable than Kevin Costner at a low point in his career so I guess I should count myself lucky I can count on the USPS at all.

Up until yesterday I had no clue that Iceland's entire government has been collapsing for months now. Whoops. Honest, I really did think I was paying attention but apparently not the right kind. Anyway, shortly after that I learned that what government there is has appointed the first openly gay world leader, Joanna Sigurdardottir. She will head up the staggering country at least until their emergency elections in May. Lemons to lemonade perhaps. We shall see.

I've become a recent convert to the Facebook world. I've found some old folks and had some good talks and am generally keeping up with a lot of people I didn't have such close tabs on before. I like it. Oh and I got Girl Scout cookies, too! It's not a perfect place, though. Back along there was the hoopla over Facebook censoring photos of breastfeeding mothers. The other day the powers that be, or the powers that FB, summarily deleted everything having to do with NakedJen. She's not a porn star, she's a crunchy granola dog owner who recently moved from Santa Cruz to Salt Lake and who wears a very cool Utilikilt to get her jobs done at Sundance. She was friendly with the innovators behind FB so she signed up basically as a favor to them when they were starting out but came to love the site and use it for a lot of things. All those things? Now gone. With how much notice? None. Why? Clarification is still being sought but apparently because she had "naked" in her name. It's just how she's known on the internet, she's not trying to flash the whole wide world. If it's part of their terms of use and all then clearly it's their prerogative but to do it without notifying her prior to deletion seems like a big old pussy move to me.

Oh, hey, check it out, Kath's back again! She posted a link to the video of the Thriller routine she and Alex were in at Halloween. Mighty timely considering all the hoopla around town about Thriller: The Musical and its attendant lawsuits.

Buried in this Curbed regular feature about shopping that I never read is a great story about teenagers. A smallish group of them has apparently gotten off your lawn and is now helping New York City to crack down on shop owners who sell nicotine products to people who are underage. That warms the cockles of my heart. I want to bake them cookies and give them a big old hug that smells like denture cream and Gold Bond.

I bet you're not going to be surprised that I think "He's Just Not That Into You" is a crock of a book and that I'm super pissed that some of my favorite people (Justin Long) are associated with the movie being made of it. I have not, however, given it as much brain space as the smart chicks at Feministing. They bring up a lot of complicated and really interesting points. I hope this doesn't mean I have to see the movie, though.

Another kid who deserves to have homemade birthday cake is Kemoy Gourzang. He found a wallet with a lot of cash in it and took it immediately to a responsible adult. For his efforts he received a generous reward. This alone is awesome and makes me hopeful for all sorts of things in the future but the best part is how he's going to spend that reward. I won't spoil it, you go look. If you don't tear up just a little you might be dead inside. I know I say that a lot but this time I really mean it.

Whew, OK, and that only gets us back to Tuesday. I think there might be another one of these in our future. Our very near future. This is enough for now, though, right?


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    My blog consumption has gotten out of control. I'm going to need an intervention -- Oh wait, Mr. Dingo tried that and I told him to mind his f*&@ business. But I said it nicely.

    Of course I'm going to go look at these blogs and add them to my daily fix. Thank you. Not.

  2. Ya know, Netflix was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the USPS' plan too. I don't give a crap when I get my bills, or even my magazines. But if I mail something on Friday, they already don't get it until Monday. So the next disc comes on Tuesday.

    If they drop Tuesday delivery (which is a possibility because apparently it's the slowest day of the week), that means that a disc mailed on Friday is not replaced until the following Wednesday, a turnaround time of 5 days, as opposed to the normal 2.

    It's another, equally horrifying but less complicated, scenario if they drop Saturday delivery.

  3. Dingo, what's worse is that I knew I was doing it, too. Crazy loves company! Sorry. Sort of.

    MAB, it's equal parts comforting and terrifying that I'm not the only person who ran all those scenarios before I finished the one para description of the proposal. And, ideally, Netflix would start working on Sat (which, frankly, they should do anyway) but I'm sure they're not going to because a delay that can't be pinned on them only helps their profit-margin. OH THE HUMANITY!

  4. DAMN, Girl! I can barely keep up with what I've got! Aaarrrugh!!

  5. An openly gay (female) former flight attendant? I don't think we have those in the USA. Male sure but I have never heard of a lesbo flight attendant. Maybe I should fly more! Great! Now I am going to be flirting with the flight attendants! I'll probably get kicked off the plane! It will be all your fault.

  6. Chili, I know, I know, couldn't be helped.

    Auntie, sounds like you just need to fly to Iceland. And go quick, the whole place is falling apart.

  7. Dear Old Love is really fun! Thanks for all of the links. Although you may have indigestion from all that doublebeefextracheesespecial sauce.....

  8. Wow, thanks for all that! Good stuff to be found.

  9. Anonymous1:50 PM

    What if I get the million dollar check I have been promised on Tuesday? Why not ditch Saturday? As far I as I know, I NEVER had mail on Saturdays in Canada, and that goes back 40 plus years. Canadians cope and then come here and never fail to ask, "You get mail on Saturdays?' as if the moon turned fuchsia just for Americans.

    Thank you SO much for the new links - I love Dear Old Love and have been inspired to submit something...

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