Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Devil Is In The Details

Have you been trying to e-mail me today? Just this afternoon? Yeah. Whoops. Forgot to update my stupid MobileMe account and so it's in a holding pattern until the rabbit dies, er, the check clears, uh, the magic Apple Wizard taps it with his, you know, wand. I was so pissed about the whole debacle that is the STILL unfixed MobileMe (for non-iPhone customers) that I guess I let it slip.

Now I am untethered.

Speaking of untethered, just before the e-mail went kerflooey I had the worst blood sugar drop I've had probably ever. It was super odd. (No, I don't have diabetes, no I don't have a blood pressure disease. I am checked for those things regularly because some day they will happen but today is not that day.) I felt hungry and a little shaky and then WHOMP it was like all the blood drained to the bottom of my feet and it was cold. It managed to be both completely new to me and extremely familiar all at once because, as it progressed (took me a minute or two to stop looking around and get up to get my lunch), I realized that it was all the symptoms of an anxiety attack but without the anxiety. A bad one, too! Like the time recently it was very foggy here outside the office and I could hear a plane getting closer and closer but I couldn't see the plane.

Half a cup of Farmer's Market apple sauce followed by an uninspiring but SUPER points friendly lunch of chicken breast and cauliflower and I was just fine. Except that I'm using it as an excuse to keep nibbling all afternoon long.

So here I sit, doing my work, waiting for my e-mail to return, chomping pretzels dipped in honey mustard and talking myself out of opening that 2 pack of Pop Tarts.

What are you doing?


  1. That's happened to me, too, and it was so out of the blue. Except I got hot and clammy and tunnel-vision and close to passing out.

    I have weird blood sugar stuff often (diabetes runs in my family, but I don't think I have it yet), which rears its head usually when I'm PMSing.

    Are you PMSing? Maybe a hormonal shift set the blood sugar drop in motion.

  2. Open the pop-tarts!
    Open the pop-tarts!

    Glad you're feeling better. Sad you were out of contact today.

  3. SDM, YES! How did you know? Totally PMSing. I wondered if that was a contributing factor.

    JRH, I did not open the pop-tarts but I have all day tomorrow and no Audio Girl to help me restrain myself so...NO! Wait! They're accidentally in the bag I brought home! Ah, the night is young...

  4. pms/bleeding is in the air. it's time sis. all aboard the crazytrain. I worked well today, got home to homemade veggie stew and have allowed myself a phat/fat glass of wine. People's Choice Awards. DVR'ing Patrick Swayzee on 20/20. I think I'll cry on that one.

    I want party details please. either here or email me when you can. I want venue/talent/food/guests/attire details. living vicariously out here on the corner of wish I was there and fuckin broke.

  5. What am I doing? Well, right now I'm hoping you're ok.

  6. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Amazing how our bodies' chemistry works, huh? It's almost like having a text book!

    I've never had quite that dramatic an incident, but I'm well aware of what it feels like to have a "drop" in energy like that. Hope you feel better!

    I am going to work late and staying late - big doin's at work today, watch VH1 tonight at six.