Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doing It To You Again

I'm headed out for a lot of socialization today. I'm weary. I love my people, I really do, but it's cold and I'm tired and just a tiny bit discouraged in general so I kind of just wish I could hibernate. I've RSVP'd and I've made bread and cookies and appointments so that's not in the cards. I know I'll have fun when I get out there. Before I go I'm going to toss out a few more links for you. Not too many.

First, though, an informal survey. Do you participate in the phenomenon that is Facebook? What features do you use? Do you have a sort of "Facebook Identity"? i.e. Do you use it primarily for business, for catching up with people from the past that you've lost, keeping in touch with current friends? What prompted you to sign up?

NakedJen is talking about a movie that's talking about race. It looks pretty good but there aren't any distribution details yet.

According to this post the men who make reservations at fancy restaurants with their wives for Valentine's Day make reservations at other fancy restaurants with their mistresses on February 13th. Now if I were dating anyone I would want to go to a fancy restaurant on the 13th and spy on all the (non) couples.

This is my new favorite Dear Old Love post.

Are these anti-theft lunch bags brilliant or disgusting? I'm leaning toward brilliant.

Via Schmutzie there are a bunch of links but click on the one that talks about the employment rant on Craig's List. If I could talk like that during an interview I'd have had a lot better jobs. That's language I'm comfortable with.

According to Gothamist a NJ library is accepting canned food donations for a charitable drive as payment for book fines. I think this is inspired. Given the tanking economy we're headed toward a barter system anyway and this is a nice start.

The cake decorations from my mammogram did not look like these.

In contrast to all the kid-praising articles I had in my last linkfest we have this article. It's also a useful read for anyone who thinks that NYC is a cesspool made entirely of leftie liberals.

This link is really mostly just for Zelda and Arnie. We all used to go to a great theatre in Saginaw, MI where the organ was played by a woman who could be the wife of the dude in this link.

My friend, Paul, gets a shout out in this interview. I can't wait to see him in this play.

OK, that's plenty, frankly it's more than I should have done, I know. I got on a roll. It still only brings me back to January 24th. The internet has a ton of awesome stuff on it. I want you all to know about it.

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  1. much as i bitch about saginasty, I'd go back. with you and you and you and you and you just to watch Elizabeth again at that theatre with that fabulous organ lady and a box of jr. mints.

    and yes. i have a coffee grinder. actually there's one built into my coffee maker. grind & brew, dontcha know.