Sunday, January 04, 2009

Exhausted, Please Send Help

When I woke up this morning my legs, especially my knees, ached like they were trying to defect to a more desirable body. Lauren Graham, perhaps, or Emily Deschanel or anybody who doesn't climb up and down on chairs and counters for whole days at a time. As you may remember, though, I had homework to do. It's far from done but I did a bunch of it.

Then Bebe called and gave me more.

I've wanted to write to you all day but I've also been e-mailing with the invitees and the talent for my birthday party so the day has not been conducive to chatting. I've missed you. Sorry! Call me!

I did want to remind you about one little thing, though. This weekend while I'm stumbling around my neighborhood drinking champagne and eating cake JRH will be running a marathon. In Florida. With Mickey Mouse running behind her cracking a whip. She knows how I feel about that. She also knows how I feel about the cause she's running for, companion animals in need. Back in the summer I gave you the tools to donate to her cause and I'm sure that some of you already have but just in case you wanted to and it had slipped your mind I'll reprint her most recent missive here:

Hi all --

Since -- if I make it to the finish line next week -- I might not have a chance to call you from my post race ice bath and ice cream eating frenzy, you can sign up for updates here:
(Ignore the countdown clock, it's counting down to the Expo on Thursday, not the race -- damn thing freaks me out.)

I'll be thinking of all of you (you know, since I'll be out there for a while).

-- JRH

PS If you wanted to donate and haven't had a chance, the link is: If you did already, thanks so much!

No pressure, of course, but there's nothing I'd like more for my birthday than to see her reach her fundraising goal.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! What a nice surprise!

  2. No trouble. I've been planning to do a reminder about it and finally got to it last night.