Thursday, January 22, 2009


It would seem prudent, as I have been stomping like Godzilla all over the internet this morning, to explain that this morning's grammar post was inspired by the asswipe that gunned it through a light to try and run me over in the crosswalk.

I lived.

I said out loud (as you've seen previously), "Niiiiice. Dick."

Then I had a 20 minute walk in an optimistic outfit for temperatures in the low 20s before wind chill so I distracted myself by crafting a little grammatical post for people who disrespect simple rules.*

Yup. Welcome to my creative process. Please try to keep the yawning and snoring to a minimum.

*I should note that, as a distraction from freezing your furbies off, grammar makes a poor blanket. Anger makes you much, much warmer.


  1. I am glad that you lived.

    Also, good grammar and punctuation. That should make you proud. And pride is a fair to middling blanket. But it should keep you warmer than good grammar alone.

    P.S. I still am reading my way through the PROMPTs. Stay tuned for my congratulatory and loving comments.

  2. Had you not lived, I would have tracked down the person responsible, and his intestines would be flying at full staff from my overused flagpole, where at this moment a "don't tread on me" flag is flying.

    Hmn. That didn't quite finish the way I intended, but I've forgotten where the delete key is on this laptop.