Friday, January 23, 2009

FFF Honest Edition

My tendency is to make my FFF photo something bright and fun, something upbeat. Especially this time of year it's instinctual to use the choice of photo to stave off the oppression of the season. This one's a little more honest. I must have taken it a couple of weeks before Christmas, not sure what time. I think I was on my way out somewhere but I don't know where. This is what winter looks like.

My day is...not too crazy. I'll go to class, maybe pick up some food, do laundry (it's that or go naked) and hopefully get myself over to the East Village to listen to Alex play for a bit.

What are you up to and how are you keeping warm?


  1. Fuck the laundry! Go naked!

    You do this on purpose.

  2. Yes, yes I do. I thought you were clear about this by now. Sorry, I'm doing the laundry anyway, it's cold here and I don't want to freeze off my important bits.

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    No, you need to keep the bits - important and otherwise - from freezing off.

    I love that photo - I am such a sucker for dusk, trees and the moon, so this made me sighhhh.

  4. I am not staying warm, because I need to do laundry.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. I am clear, it's just that I am always surprised.

    You keep opening the door, I'm going to keep walking on in.

  6. The fact that I keep opening the door should tell you something.

  7. I love this photo - how the warm light is just hitting the side of the tree.