Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here's 10 More

'Cause I've got plenty of questions. Plenty plenty!

1. I went into an Aerosoles store because they are having a ginormous sale and I do like their shoes and they're terribly comfortable I found that they are making (basically) my funeral-9/11 shoes again. Huzzah! Why are those shoes one of 3 styles in the store that are not discounted? (Related question: Can I justify $69 x 3 to get a pair in every color?)

2. Why is bacon so good?

3. How come, more often than not, MAB says what I want to say, only clearer and with reputable examples?

4.Why, even when I am doing something nice, does it often come out a little backhanded? (That's for you, sir, sorry about that, I re-read the comment and was mortified. I wrote poorly and I apologize.)

5. Why do I keep making such a big deal out of my PPP posts that I fail to finish them?

6. Did you know that you can go up to the courtesy desk at the Midtown Branch of the NYPL and just hand over books as a donation? Pretty cool. I'm going to do it today.

7. Will people be turned off by another "Cleaning Out My Starred Items Folder" post?

8. Do you remember when life was so tender that dreams were kept beside your pillow?

9. Where in my apartment did I put my moisturizer?

10. Are we meant to actually believe all the things that happen in Augusten Burroughs' books or are we meant to understand the bare bones and expected to delight in the madness of a man who embellishes them in these ways?

Bonus: Wow, did I make it to 10 already? I've got a lot more questions.


  1. Keep those questions coming, Honey!

    I, too, wonder why bacon is so good. I've found, too, that a REMARKABLE number of people I've encountered on the internet share my unholy love of the stuff...

    I'm with you on the PPP posts. I've got two I'm fermenting, but haven't, as yet, put fingers to keyboard in their production.

    MAB is some kind of wicked smaht, that's why. Funny, too. Plus, the man must have far more time than we do; he reads A LOT...

  2. Even as a semi veg the smell of bacon is too much to resist! I always just have a tiny little bite off the end. May be thats why the pig is the worst animal to eat in the Bible...because its the most tempting! The Cloven Hooves! Jodi the Pig from Amityville Horror! Just delicious!

  3. Re: bacon

    Salty, crunchy, greasy. That's all there is to it. (Unless you're one of those weirdos who likes it chewy. Gross.) We vegetarians get the same frisson from potato chips.

    Okay, it's not quite the same. But Kettle Chips come really close.

  4. No. Sorry. Kettle Chips do not approximate bacon. It's a texture, or a thickness thing or something. Turkey bacon or maybe even tofu bacon might approximate the, I don't know, weight of it maybe?

  5. I have been a veg since 1986. And I still miss bacon. Not gonna eat it, but I do miss it. And it is the only meat I ever miss.

    Ironically the thing I like least about aerosoles is...the soles. The honeycombishness hurts my little princess and the pea feet.

  6. Well, I know I can't be EVERYONE'S favorite blogger. ;)

    Don't worry, I wasn't offended. I was actually quite touched by your gesture.

    Thanks, so much.

  7. OK, thank goodness that you read what I meant not what I said! I'm less mortified now. A little.

  8. I wasn't saying that Kettle Chips "approximate" bacon. Bacon is bacon. You can't approximate it, as the abject failure of turkey bacon and tofu bacon make clear.

    But it's three things that we love in food that makes us love either Kettle Chips or bacon or both. Neither is a substitute for the other, but they push similar buttons.

  9. When you put it that way I am willing to concede the point.

    Now please send Kettle Chips ASAP.

  10. It's under the couch.

  11. They have these mammoth bags of crinkle cut Kettle Chips at Costco that are absolutely the best thing in the world. The regular K Chips are good, but these just blow your mind. I couldn't buy them last time I was there. Because I'd eat them.

  12. well hell.
    now i want chips.
    and bacon.

    true story. a friend of mine at all our gatherings i.e. tailgates, birthdays, sundays brings club crackers with bacon wrapped around it and baked.


  13. Does she put the herbed cream cheese stuff on before she wraps? Pioneer Woman has a recipe where you spread a club cracker with herbed cream cheese them wrap it in bacon and bake it. It makes little greasy bow ties. Oh my GOD! Makes my mouth water and my gag reflex trip all at the same time! Want that IN MAH BELLEH!