Friday, January 16, 2009

Like A 900 Number

I'll work on a FFF post for later today. It's going to be a busy day. Having just gone out to walk the dog, though, I'm revising my clothing allowance for today. Since it's cold all over let's all share, shall we? So, tell me baby, what are you wearing?

Granny panties, which I thought weren't so granny but it turns out I was justifying because they were comfortable because I was fat, they're really granny panties and with a girly floral pattern to boot
Fuzzy slipper socks
big woolen socks
tank top with shelf bra (shelf bra part not important but a fact so...)
dance leggings (underdressing for class, wish I was wearing my long johns instead but can't bear carrying more stuff)
long john type long sleeved top
jeans from my middling-fat period so my leggings fit underneath
Huge sweater with turtleneck and good ass coverage
Cool black belt bought in London
Clogs because they fit my big feet PLUS my two pair of socks
Scarf under my coat to protect chest*
Hat with ear flaps* (ear coverage and forehead coverage)
Scarf over my coat (dicy for the bespectacled among us but necessary)
Big bulky hand me down knock off brand dog walking coat with "fur" trimmed hood (mid-thigh length)
Gloves ("cashmere" Gap from a couple of years ago)
Mittens (handmade by Bebe many, many years ago)
Glasses (necessary but may be fused to my face after my walk to the train)
Watch (for seeing how much longer I get to stay inside)

*Denotes things to be added after failed experiment outfit for walking the dog.


  1. I'm wearing white cotton gym socks with purple flipflop croc-offs... and I teach highschoolers... if only I had pride, or a big toenail that isn't purple and sensitive...

  2. On the dog walk this AM I was wearing a t-shirt, a flannel shirt, a zip up hoodie, and my big puffy coat. That's four layers on top! And I was still cold!

  3. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Hi, coming by via Lisa from clusterfook. I made a small badge for bloggers to put on to support Lisa and let her story always remain with us.
    Hope you'll use it and spread the word!

  4. A long cream sweater I wear every single day!
    A Coca-Cola t shirt, red
    Olive green cotton jogging pants
    Olive green socks
    Mule cream UGs
    My black hand knitted Christmas scarf
    If I don't have to wear under pinnings... I don't! So I am not!
    If I actually had to go outside... I'd put on everything you did!

  5. Two socks
    Two shirts
    Two pants
    Too cold.

  6. Long sleeved shirt in beige with pink, blue and glittery dots on it. Jeans. blue underwear. watch. pink banded magnet bracelet. wedding rings. tennis socks.

  7. Well, since you asked. Wooly socks, gap string bikini undies, a bra, gap turtleneck, EMS sweater Uncle Chili got me (LOVE IT!), gap jeans, Timex ironman watch, and half a dog on my right leg. I'm dog sitting for friends. When we go out to pee/poop, I add a LL Bean fleece jacket AND a 3 in 1 ski jacket, fleece gloves, and a fleece hat with ear flaps. It's just wicked outside.

    Keep warm, my friend!

  8. I never got out of my yoga clothes all day. I'm wearing granny panties and TWO pairs of yoga pants (one regular jersey knit, one fleece), a sports bra, a long sleeved brown tee shirt, a yummy woobie brown fleece sweater that Auntie gave me (I THINK for my birthday last year, but it may have been Christmas - regardless, I LOVE it), and a pair of long socks. When I go outside, I add a fleece scarf, fleece gloves, an L. L. Bean coat (zipped all the way up) and either my fleece hat or a fleece headband, depending on how long I expect to stay outside. Oh, and boots with yummy sherpa-fleece lining.


  9. Anonymous12:43 AM

    During the daytime it was the basic under gear and a tee shirt and turtle neck and a warm fuzzy pull over thing, dungarees and slip on clogs. Muck boots if I had to walk outside very much. I love my Muck boots.

    The LU has decided to save money by keeping the heat at 60 F. In our first floor, high ceiling, single pane wall of windows space, the temp rarely gets above 60. If we have to go upstairs for paperwork things or class space, the temp gets to 70 or more. Layering is a neat technique.

    Tonight was a "potluck and sing thing", kept the trou, jeans and fuzzy, shed the turtleneck, a room full of 26 people generates some serious heat. I did take my slippers along. Having warm feet in winter is a priority of mine.

    I'd rather layer up for this weather than deal with those nasty 90-100 F days in August. I can warm up, cooling down is always an issue.

    Happy Birthday a little late. For you, the days are getting longer and there is more light. Enjoy your coming year.

  10. For some reason, the bitter cold drove me to the mall to try on evening gowns. It just seemed better than trying to run errands outdoors.

    Of course, we are not nearly so cold, but it gets to us because we aren't prepared for it. I did find one of my pairs of gloves, so was very happy my hands weren't falling off.

  11. I can't even imagine ever being where it is that cold. I am a thin-blooded girl. It was about 80 degrees today. I went in the ocean.

    Don't be jealous - I pay extra for this.

  12. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I'm like SueB0B. We went hiking in the mountains. It was 86 degrees. We wore shorts.

    Please don't hate us.

  13. They make fleece yoga pants!?!?

    I don't hate you warm weather ones. You turn me all green with envy sometimes but I don't hate you.