Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Zelda picked this tiara because she said it looked the most like the one that Princess Diana wore at her wedding. (I first typed that as "at her funeral" hmmmmm.)
The surprise.
Not a traditionally flattering photo of any of the participants, though I think they look great, but it's the one that most perfectly expresses how much fun I had all night long.


  1. Hey, i heard you had fun on your birthday. Is it true?


  2. Laughter with friends is the best!

  3. The apartment looks great! Its glowing. Whats the sg ft on that dear? Atta girl!
    The birthday photos, tears just came squirting out... I can see the joy!
    I love that it was fantastic!
    I was so excited! for you!

  4. meno, I don't know if I've mentioned it in the last 5 minutes but it was so much fun my head almost exploded.

    Gert, I have no idea. 800 maybe? Not sure.

  5. Pretty awesome pic of us cracking up. I bet we were laughing at the puppets.