Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That Ship Has Sailed

I'm about to address the "I'm reserving judgment on Obama until _____" people (and there are a lot of you and some of you have been fucking jawing in my ear all fucking day, so yes, a little bitter and bored, oh so bored). It's gonna get ranty. You have been warned.

So, your phrasing would imply that you haven't yet formed an opinion on the man. May I wish you well in your recovery. I hear that coming out of a coma of such extended duration is a delicate and difficult transition. Here's hoping you return to your former vigor as soon as possible. FYI, President Obama has been on the campaign trail for a little over 2 years. You'll find plenty of information on the internet to give you the back story as the front story evolves.

OK, in all seriousness, if you were all reserved yesterday and continue to make tight ass comments about your all-important judgment and when you will deign to dole it out then you have missed the boat. The man has been elected and he has, for just over 24 hours, been at the helm of an enormous ship in grave danger of sinking like the proverbial stone. The only direction for him to go at this point is down. Yesterday, and perhaps all the days between November 4th and yesterday, were for celebrating a change. We have seen not just the relief of the departure of a president with a well-deserved all time low approval rating but the evolutionary leap of a non-white candidate winning the highest office in our land. No more will "you can be anything you want to be" be a lie. Well, not for little boys at least.

I happen to think our president has more going for him than being black and not being the guy he replaced. I don't, however, think he's perfect. I never received a ticket to Obamapalooza or Obamarama or Obama Does Dallas or any of the other liberal orgies that plague the nightmares of the antibamas in the world. My fanatacism is limited mostly to fine writers and performers. Apparently there are some Obamaniacs out there who have sparked 1,000 late night snarks about POTUS' ability to walk on water while turning it into wine. I have yet to meet one but many a judgment reserving skeptic has told me they are all but littering the streets of America. The supporters I know are impressed with Obama's thoughtfulness and hungry for his message of hope. They are not, however, delusional. He's silently but strongly anti-gay, he's inheriting the mother lode of problems and he doesn't have a dog's age of experience backing him up. He's going to make mistakes. He's going to find that we are in holes he can't dig us out of. I believe, though, that he will keep trying to forge solutions and he will have the long view and the nationwide community's well-being in the forefront of his mind. Not that my beliefs or judgments mean any more than the next guy's.

For all of those reasons, all of those possible, nay probable, disappointments and setbacks we have yet to endure, you blew a grand opportunity yesterday with your reservation. You missed the chance to rejoice, quite briefly, in the potential this new administration embodies. Unless you work for Halliburton the last 8 years have not left you better off than you were before the Bush-Cheney Three Ring pitched its tent so, regardless of the percentage of your conviction in the Obama plan, there is conceivably a cautious optimism in the symbolic moving forward that the inauguration of a new president, almost any new president, implies.

The ship has sailed now. The grindstone awaits our noses. The confetti has all been swept up and Ms. Franklin's glorious hat is wrapped carefully in tissue and stored on a high shelf. The celebration is over.

And you elected to miss it.


  1. Bra-FUCKIN-o.
    sing out louise. you take the high notes and I'll take the low.

    they missed it.

    we, however, did not.

  2. and that hat?

  3. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I agree with everything you've said except for this: Ms. Franklin's glorious hat is wrapped carefully in tissue and stored on a high shelf.

    You KNOW she's going to wear that in church on Sunday. I sure would!

  4. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Little Seal's favorite moment was watching the Bushes fly away (he even waved at them) - but truth be told, it was really the helicopter he was interested in, cuz that's darn close to a PLANE PLANE PLANE PLANE PLANE PLANE PLANE PLANE PLANE PLANE PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You do an excellent rant, by GOD.

    It was a glorious day for our country yesterday. And hope is alive once again.

    LOVED that Aretha's hat.

  6. Love it. Tried to say that to my husband the other night. Your eloquence makes me sad for my attempt.

    One thing, though, is Obama anti-gay, or anti-gay marriage? I'd like to think the difference is a big one.

  7. That hat!! I watched the ceremony in the company of some African-American laboring men, and someone said, "now that's a church hat."

    Loved it.

    Yeah, he's got a big job to do. He's gotta be better than the last guy.

  8. It's true, I suspect that hat will make some appearances at church. And it deserves to, you spend like that on a hat you want to wear it more than once!

    JRH, I haven't done the research to back it up but, yeah, he's pretty anti-gay as I understand it. Also, I might be so bold as to say that being anti-same sex marriage is already being anti-gay since it's reducing the rights and privileges of a certain group of people based on their biology. I haven't gone over the ceremonies with a fine tooth comb but for all the talk of diversity (let the red man get ahead, man) I can't recall a single inclusion of LGBTs. Time will tell.

  9. I think she borrowed that hat from the Queen. Well, she is the Queen of Soul.

    Of Bush taking off in the helicopter, my mom said, "where's a flock of geese when you need one?"

  10. You got it. I'm ready to be disappointed too. But right now, things look good and until they look bad , or not as good as we hoped, at least we know The Idiot is gone and it can't help but get better.

  11. Hallefrickenluia!

  12. This post gave me the shivers. Thank you.

  13. Anonymous9:51 PM

    I don't know that Obama is so much anti-gay, or even anti-gay marriage. From a long interview I heard with him, which I believe was given by and aired on a TV station focused on a gay audience, he seemed more of the view that it's better to pass legislation that helps people who are gay, and build on smaller victories, than to go for the whole pie all at once and lose. So, certainly no one could call him a gay activist, and there's a lot to be said against his approach - it certainly does not hold the moral high ground. BUT, I think he's more likely to actually put some muscle behind advancing gay rights than he is of doing anything to harm gay rights. Which is a lot more than could be said of the last president. Hopefully I won't eat my words. I mean, he's a smart guy, and he has to see the parallel between the rights of gays and the rights of not just african-americans, but the rights of his parents - who would have not been allowed to marry in some states when they did, as anti-miscegenation laws weren't overturned by the Supreme Court until 1967.

  14. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Chili read me your beautiful and eloquent rant yesterday and it's WONDERFUL. I'm elated, I'm enrolled, I'm realistic and I'm once again hopeful.

    Buh bye Bushie!