Monday, January 19, 2009

This Is Not a Prompt Product Placement

SDM posted this prompt in the heat of the summer and here I am during one of the coldest weeks of the year finally getting around to it. I tried to bring the heat anyway, though. The assignment was about being very specific.

His kisses were like being bathed in Pepsi. No matter what the day or time he tasted of sugary syrup skimmed off the top of an icy fountain drink. Lips a gentle pink, not wet or dry just supple enough to skim mine leading into the straight, chicklet teeth that nibbled and scraped and maddened me. But the taste, like licking the inside of a freshly emptied can of soda. So like childhood yet in strict contrast to distracting things being done below our mouths. Once the Pepsi-mouth trailed all the way down my arm. Starting at the hinge of my jaw it wove a complicated path along collar bone to shoulder tickling a line inside to the elbow and nibbling there until I squirmed away for the excess of delight. Later, bleary with lack of sleep and ecstasy, one arm flung high across the pillow I turned my head and smelled him. It wasn’t him, just the sweet trail left in the crook of my joint, a sugar tattoo to remind me of the naked, drunken feast on which we’d gorged ourselves.

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