Monday, January 19, 2009

This One Was Written Just For Me

Write a synopsis for a romantic comedy? How did she know? I do this all the time!

Rachel Gordon thought the hardest part about working at her mother’s fertility clinic would be handing out the sample cups without giggling. Her mother, however, has other ideas. Soon Rachel finds herself being bombarded with flowers, candy and medical histories as Judy Gordon wages a campaign to get her daughter the best man genetics can find.

Enter bike messenger, Todd Lane. He’s under employed, under dressed and loving every minute of it. What he thinks is going to be a quick $50 for a genetic deposit turns into the moment his life begins to take shape.

Starring Leisha Hailey, Mark Ruffalo and Sally FieldAll Your Eggs in One Basket” will make you want to hug your mother, just to shut her up.

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