Monday, January 05, 2009

Well, Of Course I Am

Which type of Lesbian are you?

The Undefinable

You just like ladies, and that does nothing to affect your lifestyle or appearance. You are you, and you are unique! In fact, you're probably bi. You should check that out.

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I got the exact same result as Auntie. It might fit me better than it fits her. I predict that she's going to start tossing, "you're probably bi. You should check that out." at me every chance she gets.

In other news, JRH is $339 away from her goal. Again, no pressure, I'm just saying...$339. Every dollar counts.


  1. Or how about this;

    I can help you with that you know! ;)

  2. That was my second guess. I'll keep you in mind should the need arise.

  3. I got the same thing you did!!!

  4. I'm not even gay and I got the same thing you did! I should probably check that out.

  5. Sign e up to the Undefinable Lesbians Club.

    Oh, and adjust your figure; JRH is down to $289 as of this morning....

  6. Well, it does double your odds on Saturday night. Or any night, I guess.