Monday, January 26, 2009

What's In Your Wallet, er, Head

I find that since I've lost the ability to use my iPod as an alarm my brain fills in for it. I wake up nearly every morning with a song in my head. Some days are weirder than others. This morning it was Mark Allen Berube's Grandma Gave Me The Finger Today. It's a political anthem. No, really, it is.

What's in your brain today?


  1. You know what? I've been thinking of including, as an addendum to my posts, whatever song is in my head for that day. I'm quite literally never without a song in my brain, and for the life of me I have NO idea how some of them get there. Today, it's "Cracklin' Rosie," but that's only because Mike of Tongue in Check put it there with his blog post this morning. Bastid.

    Why can't you iPod alarm anymore?

  2. At any given moment there's someone singing in my head...right now I think it's the Subway commercial 5 Dollar Footlong! song. gah. Gert has been putting music on her posts lately. My computer won't let me watch any of them, but it seems a good idea!!!

    It's freezing ass cold here and going to get really icy and nasty tonight thru the week. I'm nervous for another ice storm...allegedly we're only due for a quarter of an inch but still, that could bring limbs down and lose electricity. I'm gettin up and around and doing all my stuff early today just in case.

    and yeah. what's up with your ipod? do you want mine? i never ever use it.

  3. 1/4 inch snow is not so big a deal. Once you accumulate that much ice, though, big deal. You're calling it right, I think, by being prepared.

    Ladies, my iPod is not the problem my stupidity/laziness/general laissez faire attitude is. My bedside table is next to the window. On it is my iHome alarm thingummy. Open windows + rain storms finally took their toll. The beeping alarm works and the clock works but it won't charge or play my iPod nor will the light for the display work. Since it was $99 and the only other alarms I've ever had have been $20 or less and lasted a thousand years each I refuse to re-up until this one (and my little travel alarm which this replaced) buys the farm or I win the lottery.

  4. Honestly, all morning I've been humming, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." I have issues. Watch out world.

  5. "What'll I Do" Irving Berlin
    Been singing it all morning.

    Good luck on the lottery.

  6. I'm starting to watch Lost for the first time, from the beginning. I keep hearing the bit of the song that Charlie (is that his name? I am new at this) sings to help Kate figure out how she knows him.

  7. "Gives you hell" by All American Rejects. It's a pretty funny song and new addition to my i-pod.