Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 Things

Don't know that I have a lot of words but surely I have 10 things of some sort in me, right?

1. John Scalzi on Obama and bipartisanship etc. This one's for everyone who's disappointed or vindicated by our current President's work thus far. Go ahead and read the comments, too. I haven't read them for this post yet but one of the things I admire most about Scalzi is the way he's created a huge community with lively yet polite discourse. He's not afraid to hear what people have to say and he's even less afraid to bring down the hammer when it's required.

2. I got kicked out of a motel this weekend. Just a note to motels who rent by the hour, "You can get off your high horse about pets any time now. At least my dog isn't going to ass fuck a hooker on that bedspread you've never washed."

3. I have to do one measly load of laundry tonight. Really. Have to. Someone make sure I get on that, will you please?

4. There is a wide, wide wake of a ship (I'm assuming, I can't see it) in the East River just outside my window. It annoys me that I can't see it because a tiny part of my mind thinks it might be another plane.

5. Outlook is all newfangled and has bells and whistles on it I've never seen. Today I had to teach someone how to use it and why it would be useful. I gave her the basics but it seems I have a lot to learn and I need to learn it soon.

6. Sometimes being on Facebook makes me feel like I'm right back in high school. Someone posted yearbook photos of people a couple of years ahead of me and I wanted to comment on them but was suddenly paralyzed by the fact that the poster was a "cool kid" and I was not. Fortunately I'm not a kid anymore either so that shit doesn't matter.

7. I have read 51 of the books on BBC's "great books" list. I do not know what their criteria for "great" books is but it might need some revising. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed Bridget Jones' Diary but don't think it was a "great" book exactly.

8. Turns out that Motel 6 takes pets. It also turns out that I find it immeasurably satisfying to be able to legally waltz my dog into a motel room. She was pretty pleased herself. So pleased in fact that there was no room on the bed for me.

9. I think I've realized why I am fascinated with Jim's stories and photos of Detroit. I, like so many others, fear an enormous downturn for my city and Detroit is paving the grim way in that respect.

10. The community organizer in Jim's most recent post is an example to us all. What have you done for your community lately? And why should you expect someone else to do what you won't? (The general you, of course, the one that includes me, not you personally, though of course you personally is included in the general you...you know.)


  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    where do I find the list. ChemE

  2. Do your laundry!

    I want the list too.

    Next time, drop Em off at my house.

  3. #2 may very well be the funniest thing you have ever said in the ten years that i've known you. I think Motel 6 needs to have that in their thank you note you will send, and then they should hire you for their advertising team

  4. The list has been duly posted.

    JRH, my girl doesn't so much like adult girls so dropping her off with your pack would be a super bad headache, I fear.

    Z, as Craig says, "I made myself laugh." Good to know I made someone else laugh, too. I fear the Motel 6 might not have our sense of humor but I am truly grateful to them nonetheless.

  5. I think Hampton Inn is also pet friendly now. I also consider Emily superior to skeezy hookers.

  6. Yep, we stayed at Motel 6s when we were traveling cross-country for that very reason. Not the greatest rooms in the world, but our pups were welcome.