Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Change of Plan

It's Tuesday again. I spent a certain amount of brain power last night pre-writing a list. It was a post then I remembered Tuesday so I made it a list and then when I opened this window I realized I didn't want to make it a list or a post and it actually felt kind of stupid so here I am with no list. How about a list of lists I could have made but decided against? How does that strike your fancy? Tickle your ivories? Float your bird-damaged airplane?

1. The 10 last parties I've thrown. There'd be a big bunch from the last 3 months then a looooooong hiatus. I'm not sure I can remember all the way back to 10.

2. 10 of the most interesting snowflakes whizzing past my window. Too hard to choose. (Sometimes it snows up here at my office. Air currents are weird.)

3. 10 ways to sound like you know a lot about football even if you don't know much at all.

4. 10 ways to sound like you know a lot about baseball, basketball, hockey and a number of other sports recognized by the Olympic committee when you only know a little.

5. 10 things Michael Phelps could have been doing that would have been so much worse. #1, Paris Hilton.

6. 10 things I'd rather be doing instead of working. Like many of us don't make this list every freaking day. My list wouldn't be anything new.

7. 10 ways I wish I could have removed my aching head from my shoulders last night. Or 10 ways I could have removed my head and my shoulders last night.

8. 10 things I should have been doing besides trying to keep my eyeballs from popping out of my skull last night.

9. 10 embarrassing things I've done in the service of keeping my job. Too dangerous to list that stuff on the internet in the midst of a cutthroat economy.

10. 10 useful phrases I have learned in other languages. Huh, that might have been a good choice. Why didn't I do that one?

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