Friday, February 20, 2009

I am deliciously sated after a wonderful dinner by Kath with dessert by me (made more successful by Alex's willingness to run to the corner for ice cream). I was in a cooking slump for a while there and I'm wary of serving anything as a result but my childhood favorite pudding cake was a rousing success. I only hope the diabetic at the table is on top of his insulin today because he could not resist a small helping.

My starred items folder is bursting again. I wanted to share just a few things as we go about our weekends.

There's a woman trying to subsist for a week on free food. Not food that's given to her, though, free food that other people could find if they wanted to repeat the incident. She spends a lot of time with Whole Foods free samples, I think. Given that I'm almost done with a novel about a hunger striker it's a weird item to read this week.

Every time I read about worm composting I think I might want to try it. This article makes it seem like an even better idea. And yet, I don't quite think I'm ready to give it a try.

Snob is walking for heart health. No pressure but if you've got a connection to the cause or you'd like to donate that generosity would not go amiss.

The Iraqui shoe tosser is facing some relatively serious jail time in what I'm sure is an enormously serious jail. When he talks about what brought on his rage, though, I can see how any punishment would be enough. The ex-president's complete refusal to take anything seriously, especially the loss of human life and integrity, enrages me daily.

North Dakota's House of Representatives has passed an anti-abortion (and incidentally, anti-contraception) bill. There is hope that the senate or governor will reject is but they are both famously anti-choice so there isn't much hope. So, nice to know that North Dakota thinks women are smart enough to make their own decisions. Yet another place in the long list of places I plan to drive through very quickly if the need arises.

Here are my recent fave Dear Old Love entries. (I am noticing the theme arising in myh faves. No, I'm not too surprised or disturbed.)

Hope you're sleeping tight.


  1. A million thanks for the link! The silly web page will not take under 25.00 donations, but you know I WILL! Addresses offered to all who need them. Thanks so much. This event is very close to us...more coming on that, Mr. Snob might be one of their featured walkers!

    Thanks, Kizz, you rock my world.

  2. Worm composting is great, really. I did it for years in Seattle. You would not believe how wonderful the resulting compost is!!

    It's not smelly as long as you don't overload the worms with too much garbage at a time, or as long as you have enough organic matter to cover the garbage well.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the young woman and her free food challenge. If she's limiting it to free samples, I would imagine her menu isn't very nutritious - not much in the way of veggies get left out with toothpicks. OTOH, for a limited time period, it's an interesting idea. i don't quite follow her reasoning why she didn't eat the Pad Thai that a stranger left behind, but, hey, that's OK.