Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'd Like to Amend

I think it's worth bringing to the fore Pony Express' comments from a previous entry about an offensive amendment to the economic stimulus package.

"For the record I do not think that the stimulus package should be used to fix the lack of funding for arts organizations. It can't. ( Though I do have hope that our new administration might get around to it at some point!) But for arts organizations to be singled out to be denied the effects of a stimulus package is not only wrong it is bad for the economy. Arts centers are extremely efficient conduits for giving money to a local economy. They run on shoestring administrative budgets. They spend/disperse almost every cent they are given and they do so quickly. They spend that money with local businesses. They give money to artists to spend on local businesses. If what part of what a stimulus package is meant to do is stimulate the economy from the bottom up, I can think of fewer models that do this as well as community arts centers.
On a personal level I am offended by the language and tone of this amendment. I sent this to a colleague of mine who pointed out that it is written to make artists and arts organizations sound like sinners. It is flippant, poorly thought out, and poorly written.
I hope that any one who feels the same way will contact their congress person."

Most arguments for the importance of arts organizations focus on education and creativity and well-rounded next generations. As usual her fresh perspective from the trenches is from a completely different, yet no less valuable, angle. As well as the importance of keeping this misguided and ill-informed amendment out of the current legislation, it's good to remember when you're allocating your limited gift dollars this year. An arts organization will support others while they help themselves thus stretching the usefulness of your contribution.

As before contact information for one's senators can be found here:

Please call soon as the vote may happen as early as Monday.


  1. Anonymous12:46 AM

    thanks again. I want to say that I can go on for more space then exists on the internet as to why the arts are important. They have in a very real way been one of the most important and altering things in my life since before I could read or write. I have had the joy of watching exposure to and involvement in the arts change more lives then I can list. All of that means the world to me, and should to anyone who takes the time to learn about the ways arts education can effect someone. I chose to focus on the economic idiocy of the proposed amendment because it is in fact an economic stimulus bill. I also guess, from the poor way in which the proposed amendment was written, that the author has had relatively little arts exposure himself. "anti gravity chair"is neither funny, nor is it an appropriate insult for the arts. "High velocity reverse osmosis paint mixer" perhaps. If you are going to rag on my world at least step up man! I am betting it is text he stole from his anti NASA amendment!
    In any case, thanks for spreading the word. I do believe it makes poor economic sense. For now that is what matters. - Pony Express

  2. I've posted this on my facebook, along with pony express's words, sans real name, and then linked it to all my theatre peeps and folks with any sort of a brain. . . yes. i have friends sans brains as well. they were not linked.

    I love you. I love PE for her vision and her heart. All we can do is what we can do...then we do a little more.