Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sentimental Bling

Why yes, I am going to speak a little more about Mr. Rourke (not that one). You're surprised? Seriously? I fear you don't know me at all.

Gothamist informed me (and a few other people) today that a local artisan sent Mickey Rourke a necklace to commemorate his dog, Loki's, life. Bring your hankie when you click that link because it was exactly what Rourke needed apparently and he is properly appreciative.

The artist, Betina Wasserman, will make you a necklace, too. She won't make you one with Loki on it. That one was a personal gift. She will, however, take a picture of your choosing and make you a beautiful glass necklace of your very own for the low, low price of $30.

I think I might need to get me one of those.


  1. OMG! Pass the tissue. Please.

  2. Wow, I bet that woman's been FLOODED with orders!

  3. Got to love the story of a boy and his dog.

    That woman has a full time job, too. I hope she survives the influx!

  4. What a sweet, sweet idea for a pet lover. So simple, yet, so full of meaning and care.