Friday, March 27, 2009

Decisions Decisions

So I was going to post the artist statement from my grant application because I think I might not be as bad as I once thought at such things even though I don't think we're right for the grant and, therefore, don't think we'll get it. I wanted to share the writing with someone who might care. Starting to write the post, though, I put in a line about how this might be a very bad idea, every time I started. So, you know, who am I to pass up advice from a reliable source, it might be a very bad idea, at least before I turn it in to the grant folk. So I didn't.

Then I spent like an hour and a half stalking someone on Flickr. It was like poking the painful space where you recently had a tooth and yet I could not quit. I only stopped because I broke Flickr. I must have shorted it out, all of a sudden my browser couldn't find it no matter which link I clicked but just Flickr links. I am all powerful, I busted Flickr.

I could write about my misgivings about both sides of the fight for modesty in childrens' clothing but that's a post for another day, a day when I have time to blather in writing for a very long time and think and edit and whatnot. I used up all the editing muscles on my grant application.

Did I mention that I misread said application and it turns out that my work sample isn't formatted correctly and I don't know if I'm going to be able to fix it because I don't know how to make/format/magic up DVDs? Huh. I should have mentioned that, that's important.

I could write about the 16 different kinds of bad financial news I keep hearing about people. Does anyone else feel like the bad financial things are a net or a web and someone is slowly cinching up the drawstring so it's getting closer and closer to you all the time? No? Just me? I'm actually quite surprised. Can you tell that is just the imagery that's making me a bit manic these days? Yeah, I thought so. What can I say? I wear my anxiety on my sleeve.

So I guess I just stopped in to tell you that I don't know what to write about today. That's all. Hope you're having a pleasant Friday and that all your laundry is clean.


  1. The noose is getting tighter. Every day....

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Grant application sounds like a nightmare.

  2. That whole net coming at you feeling? I had it, until my husband was laid off in January. Then I freaked out, then he had some interviews, then I freaked out some more, then he got a new job. He's still reeling from the whole experience. Me? I'm trying to find a new normal.