Saturday, March 14, 2009


I took a huge, long nap this afternoon. I've been having weird dreams all week but I remember this one better than most. (Not so much for the squeamish.) I dreamt that, for reasons that aren't entirely clear, I required first aid and was having to staple myself back together. I went to a family member for help and was rewarded with swift and stupid-wrong treatment of a staple across my eyeball. What was this person thinking? When I stapled my eyelid I did it around the eyeball so I could still open my eye! (Dear Brain, What the fuck? Love, Kizz) So, I huffed off, had dinner and then asked another family member to help. I look down and I'm having a mad scientist sort of situation with a gash as long as my shin being taped back together quite firmly. Soon after that I woke up. I could explain away the eyeball thing pretty easily, even the dinner thing (welcome to my second full week of a return to the weight loss lifestyle) but what does it mean when your shin is sliced open like a chicken breast?

I do not know.

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  1. I cannot tackle the shin question. Sounds incredibly vivid.