Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy 94th Birthday!

All week I've been thinking that she's about to be 95-years-old but in reality she's a spring chicken hitting a measly 94 today. Born in 1915 on a small farm in the middle of nowhere (OK, no the exact middle but you could see it from there) in Maine. She was a home ec teacher of the highest order and still gives me tips. I have not retained nearly enough of them. She's traveled the world. She is the keeper of our family genealogy and can, last I asked, recite our family tree for something like 7 generations. (I know, I can't even remember how many generations. It's shameful. Please don't rat me out.) About a decade ago, maybe more, she slipped on an area rug while line dancing in her kitchen and broke her wrist. We worried she'd have to stop living alone. Well, she finally stopped living alone about a week ago. She lives with MamaKizz now. They had a little party last night, my uncle came too. There were green sparkly party hats and green cake and corn dogs. I called today and got the full report and I know it sounds silly but I'm a little sorry that I missed it.

Knowing Aunt Rena, though, I'll be able to catch next year's party.
*Please pardon my old and and faded photos. Once I get the right cord for my scanner hopefully I'll be able to provide you with some better specimens.


  1. You've got great genes! You may have to record her stories. What she's seen over her lifetime! Amazing.

  2. I bet she's a hoot. You'll have to introduce me, now that she's sorta local...

    Happy birthday, Aunt Rena. Keep dancing, but quit with the wrist-breaking, m'kay?

  3. Happy Birthday Aunt Rena!